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UTS past papers of ASI
UTS past papers of ASI

UTS past papers of ASI (Assistant sub-inspector)

Universal Testing Services Past papers

UTS past papers of ASI (Assistant sub-inspector)

Today is Sunday what will be day on 61 days

  • Thursday

Largest railway tunnel in world

  • Seikan Tunnel Japan

Which mountain separate Pakistan and Afghanistan

  • Hindu Kush

Which mountain separate Pakistan and china

  • Karakoram

Siachen located in which mountain

  • eastern Karakoram range

Entangled synonym

  • tangle

Venomous synonym

  • Poisonous

surah Al Maeen description

  • Surah An’aam speak of the absolute Unity and Supreme Authority of Allah over the whole of the universe.

Surah without Bismillah

  • Surah Baraat ( or Tawbah) has no Bismillah

Mosque Quba mentioned in which surah

  • Surah al Tauba

Total surah in Quran

  • 114

ATC Stand for

  • Air Traffic Control

UNHCR Stand for

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees .

M1 motorway connects?

  • Peshawar to Islamabad–Rawalpindi

Minister of education

  • Shafqat Mahmood

Jihad kb farz huwa

  • 6 hizri ( not confirm )

South America biggest country

  • Brazil is the largest country in South America

Turkey located in which two continents

  • European portion of Turkey is known as Thrace, while the Asian is called Anatolia

Egypt located in which 2 continent

  • Asia and Europe

Microsoft Excel extension?

  • .xls

Which leader did not take part in first round table conference?

  • Mahatma Gandhi

Which airway starts flight after 10 years in Pakistan?

  • British Airways from June 2, 2019

What was mentioned in prophet stamp?

  • “Mohammed Rasu^l Allah”

Bahadur shah zafar exile to which country.

  • Rangoon, Burma

City of 1000 minarets

  • Cairo

Last viceroy of india


sahihain means

  • five volume hadith collection

All India muslim league found in city

  • On 30 December 1906 at Dacca

All India Muslim league found on date

  • December 30, 1906, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Quaid Azam join Muslim league on

  • 1913

Pakistan shot down indian jet on

  • Feb 27, 2019

NEPA Stand for

  • National Environment Protection Authority

Robinson Crusoe is written by

  • Daniel Defoe

How many sheep render are to pay zakat?

  • 40

Which post Gen. Musharraf secured after taking over?

  • Chief Executive

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