Top 10 Engineering Universities In Pakistan

Top 10 Engineering Universities In Pakistan

The only restriction in engineering, regardless of the type, is one’s creativity. You may start from the ground up and design and create large infrastructures, high-end AI interfaces, a strong collaboration of mechatronics, anatomy, and physiology, or even build spacecraft to go among the stars. check out the best degrees in Pakistan here

In the field of engineering, Pakistan boasts some of the world’s best engineering universities working on some of the world’s most cutting-edge research and development projects. The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), the government’s regulatory authority for engineers in Pakistan, has played a critical role in bringing the engineering profession in Pakistan up to international standards through efforts such as achieving the “Washington Accord,” providing grants for various R & D programs and proposals of engineering universities in Pakistan, regulating the job placement infrastructure across the country, and so on.

Various governmental and private universities in Pakistan have proven their worth in practically every branch of engineering. The top 10 engineering universities in Pakistan are listed below in short. Also, we listed best school in Pakistan with having top faculty and facilities in 2022 for you kids here.

Factors Involved For The Categorization In Top 10 Engineering Universities In Pakistan

These universities are grouped depending on their academic programs. All the factors considered for the classification of the Universities are as follows,

  • Research
  • Teaching quality
  • Finance
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Facilities provided by universities

All of the information is accurate and based on an extensive investigation. So you can trust this study, and if you find any errors in this post, please let us know in the comments area. So that we can keep our high standards and supply students with high-quality material.

The best aspect of this article is that it includes extra information about the institutions, such as their location, curriculum, and other campuses. So, let’s take a look at Pakistan’s top ten engineering schools.

Pakistan Institute Of Engineering And Applied Sciences (PIEAS)

Mission: PIEAS is dedicated to providing high-quality scientific and engineering education. We want to provide education in disciplines that are critical to Pakistan’s technical growth, and we want to be a leader in promoting the construction of educational programmes in newly developing technology sectors in Pakistan. Meeting PAEC’s and other technical organizations’ present and future trained personnel demands is a top concern for us. The purpose is to create a learning environment that completely engages students’ cognitive talents while simultaneously nurturing their personal growth as future technology leaders. Through an effective overall quality enhancement framework, the Institution is devoted to guaranteeing the highest quality in all of our endeavors, including teaching, research, skills, and development activities.

Vision: PIEAS’ vision is to be recognised at the national and international level as an institute of academic excellence with high moral and ethical values, providing synergy between scientific research and technological development for national security and socio-economic benefits, encouraging and fostering an environment of mutual respect and the free exchange of ideas, and where deserving students’ lack of resources is not an impediment to obtaining a quality education.

The Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, located in Islamabad, is the country’s top engineering school, according to the HEC. Engineering and Applied Sciences are the university’s two faculties, each having eight departments.

PIEAS is one of the top public engineering colleges in the country, offering graduate and post-graduate engineering programmes, particularly in nuclear and atomic engineering.

This is the mission of the University of Pakistan, which was established in Islamabad in 1967 with the goal of promoting the educational system at an international level.

As one of the country’s oldest nuclear/atomic engineering schools, PIEAS alumni have a unique status across the world thanks to one of the top faculty and research projects in the field of nuclear/atomic engineering, which attracts the attention of everyone in today’s nuclear world.

PIEAS has multiple sub-campuses around Pakistan and is ranked in the QS Global World Ranking of Top 500 Universities. It is notable for its “nuclear”-oriented degrees and research.

National University Of Science And  Technology (NUST)

Mission: Strive to fulfill the following mission goals in accordance with NUST’s vision: Develop NUST into a comprehensive, academic, and research-driven university with an emphasis on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in order to successfully navigate the country’s social, economic, and environmental concerns. Nurture talent by offering equal opportunity to all sectors of the polity, based on the ideals of merit, transparency, and fair play. Empower kids to reach their greatest potential by developing leadership and social skills and acting as change agents in their communities. Enhance mutually beneficial links with foreign organizations and partner institutions to increase global prominence. Strengthen NUST financially so that it can achieve its aims through boosting awareness among the local and worldwide Pakistani diaspora, as well as its global alumni network. Ensure that students and employees have a suitable learning and working environment that meets international standards. 

Vision: To establish NUST as a world-class center of excellence among higher education institutions, guiding Pakistan’s transformation to a fast-rising knowledge economy and achieving the country’s national goal of being a progressive and prosperous member of the international community.

Established in 1991, NUST Islamabad has ranked as Pakistan’s second most prestigious and best engineering college. It has grown in importance and has become a significant milestone for higher education institutions. This engineering school produces highly qualified specialist researchers capable of developing indigenous technology to fulfill current demands. The National University of Science and Technology in Islamabad is upholding its legacy of excellence in research and teaching while also developing new ways to offer programs.

  • It is developing into a multi-disciplinary research center specializing in modernization, expertise, machinery, and entrepreneurship.
  • NUST is committed to the country’s worldwide educational framework and research needs.
  • responsible for producing culturally aware, academically competent, and research-oriented graduates who are prepared to lead and care for folklore and traditions.

The fastest-growing engineering school in Pakistan is pleased to have campuses in major cities such as Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi. NUST was founded by combining civilian and military resources. Without a doubt, all of NUST’s schools are excellent, but the electrical and mechanical engineering departments are particularly well-known.

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Of Engineering Science And  Technology (GIK)

Mission: The Institute’s mission is to provide an excellent teaching and research environment in order to produce graduates who stand out for their professional competence, research, entrepreneurship, humanistic outlook, ethical rectitude, pragmatic approach to problem-solving, managerial skills, and ability to respond to the challenges of socio-economic development in order to serve as the vanguard of society’s techno-industrial transformation.

Vision: The Institute seeks to be a leader in the pursuit of engineering, scientific, and technological excellence. GIKI is located in the lovely city of Swabi in the KPK, is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with in delivering engineering education. The institution offers engineering instruction in practically every major engineering subject on a single 400-acre campus.

It is amongst the greatest engineering schools and universities on the globe, delivers innovation and numerous advancements in academics. GIKI serves as a vital change agent and an example for other colleges to follow. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Topi aspires to develop graduates who are known for their competency, humanistic approach, managerial ability, and problem-solving abilities.

“Innovation,” a single word that encapsulates GIKI’s primary objective, GIKI has a distinct character in terms of research and innovation, hosting one of the largest numbers of international education conferences and events.

Former President Ghulam Ishaq Khan’s name is commemorated at GIKI University. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Asghar Qadir, and Shaukat Hameed Khan consider this institution as one of the best in the country. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan was also registered as a physics associate professor.

The clock tower that is present at GIKI University is one of the most beautiful things that we may observe. This is something that we may not see in other institutions. This clock tower gives a perspective of Tarbela Dam and makes the surroundings visible for kilometres.

GIKI Faculties: 

  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Management Sciences

The University Of Engineering And Technology Lahore (UET)

Mission: As an engineering and technology university, the institution wants to be a leader in teaching, research, innovation, and commercialization that is internationally relevant and has a direct impact on national industrial, technical, and socioeconomic growth.

Vision: To become a top world-class research university through generating knowledge for global competitive advantage.

University of Engineering and Technology is also called “UET”. It is located in Lahore,  which is also known as the “city of gardens”. UET is also regarded as one of Pakistan’s oldest universities. Mughalpura Technical College was the university’s first name. The university’s main campus is in Lahore, but it also has three satellite campuses: Faisalabad Campus, Kala-Shah-Kaku Campus, and Rachna College. UET primarily offers courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

With state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment, and foreign-educated faculty, UET Lahore is regarded as the finest educational facility in Pakistan. It is the country’s oldest engineering school, with nineteen research centres, four satellite campuses, and 33 departments with up to 10,000 students. Law, philosophy, business, humanities, architecture, applied sciences, and engineering are among the academic disciplines offered at Lahore UET, which ranges from undergraduate to PhD degrees.

UET Faculties:

  • Biomedical Engineering,
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Chemical, Metallurgical and Polymer engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Earth Sciences
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Natural Sciences, Humanities and Islamic Studies

 UET is mostly known for its Mechanical Department.

University Of Engineering And Technology Taxila

Mission: To meet the country’s demands by generating responsible graduates with solid knowledge and skills, as well as the highest moral standards in a conducive learning environment.

Vision: To be a high-quality, internationally recognised institution that imparts engineering and emerging technology knowledge in a caring atmosphere for the country’s socio-economic growth.

Since 1975, the University of Engineering and Technology Taxila (UETT) has been providing undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate admissions in a variety of engineering fields to students from all around the nation.

UET Taxila was established in the rural area of Taxila city, following in the footsteps of UET Lahore, with the primary goal of delivering superior engineering education to students from the Pothohar region’s less developed rural districts.

Taxila is one of the ancient civilizations’ capitals, and knowledge and architecture have played an important role in strengthening the state-of-the-art teaching faculty and research programmes, giving UET Taxila a unique position among public engineering colleges across the world. UET Taxila Chakwal Campus is the name of the subcampus. It has an eight-hostel system with a central library. UET Taxila Chakwal Campus is the name of the subcampus. It has an eight-hostel system with a central library.

UETT Faculties:

  • Civil & Environmental
  • Electronics & Electrical
  • Mechanical & Aeronautical
  • Telecom & Information
  • Industrial

The Institute Of Space Technology Islamabad

Mission: The institute aspires to provide exceptional educational opportunities to a broad population of national and foreign students. Academic programs have a strong emphasis on scientific and theoretical underpinnings in order to produce professionals who have a deep understanding of the principles and the capacity to apply that knowledge to research, analysis, and design.

Vision: To increase the quality of life by fostering intellectual and economic vigour in the field of space science and technology via teaching, research, and outreach.

Institute of Space Technology, also known as “IST”, was founded in 2002 under the supervision of the Pakistan National Space Agency. It was found in Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan). After forming a relationship with Beihang University and the University of Surrey, IST University now offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Hawks Adventure, a very active adventure club, is one of the many societies at IST that promote diverse activities in the institution.

IST Faculties:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Avionics Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Space Science
  • Mathematics

IST is well-known in the domains of astronomy, aeronautical engineering, and astronautics.

The Air University (AU) Islamabad

Mission: Air University’s aim is to produce graduates with good professional knowledge, character, a sense of social responsibility, and a love for continuous learning. The university is devoted to recruiting the brightest students, teachers, and support personnel to help build a wealthy, peaceful, and educated community.

Vision: Teaching, learning, research, innovation, and public service are core values of Air University. Air University Islamabad, located in the foothills of the Margalla Hills, has carved out a niche for itself among public institutions by combining engineering expertise with top-notch research staff.

According to the QS Asian International Ranking, Air University is one of Pakistan’s “Top 20 HEIs,” and it offers cutting-edge degree programmes in a few but highly sought-after engineering fields, as well as special benefits from the Pakistan Air Force administration.

AU Faculties:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Business Administration (BBA)
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Avionics Engineering
  • Management Sciences
  • Accounts and Finance

KPK University Of Engineering And Technology (UET) Peshawar

Mission: To educate highly trained individuals who will power and drive the knowledge-based economy and provide research services and innovation for sustainable development.

Vision: To be a world-class university in education, research, and innovation. UET Peshawar, founded in 1952, may be summed up in one word: research. Unlike other UET campuses, UET Peshawar focuses only on engineering research in a variety of subjects.

As a public engineering university, UET Peshawar is eligible for special research grants as a result of its world-class research-oriented faculty, which is one of the main reasons why UET Peshawar graduates are among the most sought-after candidates for engineering R&D projects at both the public and private levels.

UET Peshawar Faculties:

  • Agriculture Engineering 
  • Architecture 
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Computer Systems Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Electronics Engineering 
  • Industrial Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mechatronics Engineering 
  • Mining Engineering 
  • Software Engineering 
  • Telecommunication Engineering

Mehran University Of Engineering And Technology Jamshoro

Mission: Through collaborative initiatives, we have established linkages with academia, business, and government that has enabled us to provide advanced knowledge to our undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate students.

Vision: To become a world-class educational and research institute that makes a significant contribution to the development of indigenous and technology capacities for long-term socio-economic growth. Indeed, a public university is as alive as Sindh’s culture. In Pakistan, MUET has long been a hub of technical expertise and academic success.

MUET, which is located in the bustling city of Jamshoro (Sindh), provides undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees in a diverse variety of engineering disciplines. The institution focuses on transferring technical knowledge to Sindh’s underdeveloped areas while also maintaining a stellar reputation among engineering universities worldwide.

The NED University Of Engineering And  Technology (NED UET) Karachi

Mission: Acquire excellence in engineering education and research to generate leaders and enable the use of knowledge and skills for the benefit of society with integrity and wisdom.

Vision: Assist Pakistan’s social and economic change as a leader. NED UET is one of the oldest and most prominent public-sector engineering universities in the country and one of the few that offers engineering education in a wide range of programmes to students from all over the country and throughout the world.

Due to its prominence and larger-than-life campus culture, faculty, and research prospects, NEDUET is undoubtedly an eye-catcher among engineering institutions throughout the world, with a 156-acre main campus in central Karachi.

NED Faculties:

  • Civil and Petroleum Engineering (CPE)
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MME)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Information Sciences and Humanities (ISH)
  • Chemical and Process Engineering (CPE)
  • Architecture and Management Sciences (AMS)

Is NUST Better Or UET?

According to the higher education commission rankings for 2022, NUST is at the top for engineering. On the other hand, GIKI and UET are excellent. If you can afford the fees for NUST or GIKI, go for it; otherwise, opt for UET.

Which Engineering Is Highly Paid In Pakistan?

Engineers of all types who are knowledgeable and specialists in their field can find work in any reputable organisation and make a good living. Engineers in the domains of electrical engineering, software engineering, aeronautical engineering, and other technical professions are well compensated in the market. Each sector has its own market value.

Is Engineering Harder Than 12th?

It’s virtually like 12th-grade mathematics, and the difficulty level is nearly the same. However, if you ignore it and do not properly practise it, or if you put it off till the last minute to study, it will be extremely difficult for you to achieve good results.

Is PIEAS Better Than NUST?

When it comes to bachelor’s degrees, NUST is far superior to PIEAS since it offers the whole package, especially if you live on campus. NUST has groups, social gatherings, and scientific activities that are far more dynamic and sophisticated than PIEAS.

Is Engineering More Math Or Physics?

Mechanical engineering is more math-oriented, while electrical engineering is more physics-oriented. To grasp the physical phenomenon in mechanics, you don’t need to know much.


It is detailed information about the top 10 Engineering Institutions in Pakistan. I hope that this post has clarified your understanding of the measures to take in order to obtain a foreign scholarship and gain admission to your preferred university. There are the top 10 engineering universities in Pakistan, we also listed 7 top universities in Pakistan recognized by HEC in the general category Please check out. 

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