Top 10 Colleges In Karachi

Top 10 Colleges In Karachi
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Top 10 Colleges In Karachi, You Should Consider For FA, FSc

Studying at the university level necessitates a conceptual grasp of the topics as well as their practical application, as well as professional instructors who make the courses simple for the students; otherwise, the students would continue to struggle to comprehend the subjects on their own.

Karachi is Pakistan’s largest and most heavily colonised metropolis. Karachi is also renowned as Pakistan’s industrial hub, where people from all across the country converge to find work. The city is also known for its top schools and institutions, which have attracted some of the brightest professionals who have contributed significantly to many fields.

If you’re thinking of doing an intermediate in FSC, here’s what you should know. The Best Colleges in Karachi for Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, and Icom (Commerce). Students are looking for the next level of education, which is college, to do Intermediate as the matric result is revealed. The FA and FSC’s entire list will be quite valuable for you. However, at that point in life, the issue of which is the best private college in Karachi to enrol in arises. Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city and the headquarters of Sindh province, so it is well-known for its educational institutions. Parents bring their children from other places to Karachi to acquire an education, but what if your child enrols in a college that isn’t ideal for that particular area of study? Check out our list of the best colleges in Karachi before enrolling in Intermediate.

Best Colleges In Karachi For FA, Fsc

After passing the matriculation test, everyone tries to get admission to top institutes. Hence, we are now presenting the list of best colleges that function at a higher level. Students can review the list of colleges while applying for admission. The most essential thing is to choose the institution so that the degree of education produced there may be obtained by you. When applying for admissions, keep in mind whether or not the college is associated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education and the University of Karachi. Does the college have the best faculty to educate, the college’s management structure, and the institution’s prior performance? All of these factors can aid you in selecting the best institution for you. However, this list of the best institutions in Karachi will assist you in the sense that you will not need to look for any of the aforementioned things for those colleges since these colleges are known for providing high-quality education and their degrees are recognised throughout Pakistan.

1. Bahria College Karsaz, Karachi

BCK (Bahria College Karachi) is a college in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The Pakistan Navy was the one who founded it. The college offers college-level studies. It has ties to the Karachi Board, the CIE, and the Federal Board. The Karachi Board is only used up to the FSC level.

On August 30, 1986, Admiral I.A. Sirohey NI (M), S.Bt., then Chief of Naval Staff, laid the foundation for this college. The Cambridge Section of the college was founded in 1995, and only Cambridge University Ordinary Levels were provided. Later on, Cambridge University’s Advanced Level courses were offered.

It has six parts that educate children from kindergarten to the HSSC/A level: junior, primary, secondary, Navy Height, Cambridge section for males, and a secondary section for girls. A vice-principal is in charge of each division.

The college’s major goal is to foster personal values such as honesty, integrity, self-discipline, and diligence, among others, via praise, affection, and rewards both within and outside the classroom.

Bahria College Karsaz Courses & Programs:

  • FSc Pre Medical
  • FSc Pre Engineering
  • ICs Computer Science
  • ICom
  • A Level
  • FA

2. Dj Sindh Government Science College, Karachi

Sindh Government Science College, Dayaram Jethamal, and DJ Science College are public community colleges in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, that are connected with the University of Karachi. It is located near Burns Road.

College Premises: 

  1. The main building is split into two sections. The principal’s, superintendent’s, and clerk’s offices are all located in a new section. 
  2. On the ground floor, there are departments of Urdu and Statistics, while on the first floor, there are departments of Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies. The departments of Biochemistry, Botany, English, and Physics are on the ground level; the departments of Chemistry, Computer Science, and Microbiology, as well as certain classrooms, are on the first floor; and the department of Zoology is on the second floor.
  3. The A. Q. Block includes only classrooms, which are designed specifically for first-year students.
  4. The Departments of Geology and Mathematics (formerly the principal’s residence)
  5. On Muhammad bin Qasim Road, behind the oldest structure, there is another building with the main library and departments of Mathematics and Geology.
  6. The M.Sc. block of the college is currently under development. It’s directly across the street from the A. Q. Block.
  7. The A. Q. Block is adjacent to a state-of-the-art gymnasium.
  8. DJ Science College’s former Principal Bungalow in Karachi
  9. The principal’s cottage is one of the oldest structures on the property. The Sindh Textbook Board now uses this structure as a camp office. The Pearl Continent Hotel is across the street from the Sports Complex, which is near the P.I.D.C roundabout. Cricket and football are both played at this facility.


  • Biochemistry
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Geology
  • Islamic Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Physical Education and Sports
  • Physics
  • Sindhi
  • Statistics
  • Urdu
  • Zoology

The institution provides admission to intermediate level students in pre-engineering and pre-medical programmes through the Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi (B.I.E.K) under the CAP programme (Centralized Admission Policy).

The college offers a combination of any three of the following disciplines at the undergraduate level (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Statistics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Botany, and Zoology). The institution has also offered admission to a three-year Bachelor of Computer Science (B.C.S. Semester System) programme, which is connected with the University of Karachi (since 1951).

3. Adamjee Government Science College, Karachi

Adamjee Government Science College is one of Karachi’s premier institutions. Pakistan Memon Educational and Welfare Society founded the institution in 1961, and it is named after Sir Ajam Jee Haji Dawood.

The All Pakistan Memon Educational and Welfare Society was founded in 1961 with the financial assistance and efforts of the late Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood and Mr Abdul Ghani Dada Bhai Junani. It’s in the centre of the city, near the tomb of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (the father of Pakistan), in the Garden East (Jamshed Town) neighbourhood on Karachi’s Business Recorder Road. Only students who receive good grades in matriculation are eligible for admission to the institution, which is usually ranked as one of the top public colleges in the country.

On July 30, 1961, the then-President of Pakistan, Field Marshal General Ayub Khan, performed the inaugural ceremony.

The college began with 100 students in class XI, and each year a new class was added until it became a full-fledged degree science college in 1965, with over 200 intermediate-level students and 45 degree-level students.

On September 1, 1972, the college was nationalised. At the time, there were 400 students in intermediate classes and 100 students in degree classes. Since then, enrollment has continuously increased, and there are now approximately thirteen hundred intermediate students and one hundred degree students enrolled. In reality, since nationalisation, the number of students has tripled without a matching growth in physical facilities or the number of academic and non-academic employees.

The institution provides a variety of sporting programmes to help students improve their talents.

Courses & programmes:

  • ICS
  • FSC Pre-Engineering
  • FSC Pre-Medical
  • BSC Science

4. Government Dehli Inter Science College, Karachi

Govt. Dehli College is one of Karachi’s most attractive, well-kept, and disciplined colleges. It offers the best education of all the government colleges in Sindh. The following subjects are taught at college: At the F.Sc. level, there are three courses: (a) Pre-Engineering, (b) Pre-Medical, and (c) Computer Science, each with over 1600 students. Every year, government-run Dehli College graduates hundreds of brilliant students for engineering, medical, business, and professional schools. Degree classes will begin soon at the college.

Facilities Provided by the college:

The faculty is top-notch and dedicated.

green and clean environment with CCTV camera surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Filtered water that is both safe and cold is available.

Spectacular Auditorium.

Multimedia Facilitation in Lab Demonstrations.

There are almost 13,000 volumes on diverse themes in the library.

Preliminary exams, as well as a report on progress.

Guidance for Exams and Career Counseling Sessions.

Interdisciplinary games are played during multidisciplinary sporting events.

Competitions in Qirat, Naat, Speech, Quiz, and Debate during Students’ Week.

In the annual prize distribution, exceptional achievers receive awards and certificates.


  • Pre Engineering / FSc
  • Pre Medical / FSc
  • Computer Science / ICS

5. Govt National College Karachi

The Government National College is one of Karachi’s top ten colleges and one of the city’s largest. It is governed by the University of Karachi.

Admissions are available in the science, arts, and commerce areas at the institutions.

The college has all of the necessary resources. All of the instructors are well trained and experienced. When it comes to getting into a government college, especially one at a medium level, Govt National College is an important institution to consider.

It is located in Karachi, Sindh, in the Hussaini Society, Karachi Memon Society.

6. Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Karachi

Since its founding in 1995, The Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS), Karachi, has worked to deliver quality education to its pupils. It is a school with exceptional academic, extracurricular, and athletic programmes.

Academic expectations, sports and cultural activities, and community life are all balanced at AKHSS, Karachi. It encourages students to be both academically curious and socially conscientious. While what pupils know is crucial, the school believes that the ultimate measure of a student’s education is their capacity to analyse what they don’t know.

Parent-school collaborations are fostered at AKHSS in Karachi. An orientation for parents is held at the start of the academic year to inform them about the school’s rules and procedures, as well as the school’s expectations and the role they may play in their children’s education.


  • Pre-Medical
  • Pre-Engineering
  • Science General
  • Commerce

7. Government Degree College [Malir Cantt], Karachi

Government Degree College, Malir Cantt, is one of Karachi’s greatest government institutions, offering high-quality education at a low cost. In 1979, the college was founded.

Students are not only educated at the institution, but they are also transformed into actual human beings with a sense of humanity. The college aspires to teach discipline to its pupils.

In Karachi, the college is regarded as a reputable one.

Courses & Programms:

  • FSC Pre-Engineering
  • FSC Pre-Medical
  • ICS
  • ICOM

8. Sir Syed Govt Girls College Karachi

In Nazimabad, Sindh, Pakistan, Sir Syed Government Girls College is located. Sir Syed Girls College is located near 1st Chowrangi on Altaf Ali Barelvi Road in Nazimabad, Karachi, and is governed by the Government of Sindh.

Sir Syed Government Girls College is regarded as one of Karachi’s most prestigious female educational institutions. Syed Altaf Ali Barelvi created the institution in 1954 with the primary purpose of providing higher education to women. After the politician Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the college was given the name Sir Syed Girls’ College. The college’s current structure was built in 1963. The college was nationalised in September 1972 and has been known as Sir Syed Government Girls College since then.

9. Da Skbzc Defence Authority Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed College, Karachi

It is one of the greatest English medium intermediate colleges and one of the top 10 colleges in Karachi, and is located at D.H.A Phase 6, Defense Housing Authority, Karachi. It has teaching and learning activities in the science and commerce groups.

In addition to providing an excellent learning environment, the college places a strong emphasis on ethical and manual student care.

10. Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan Govt. College Of Home Economics

The college, which is located on Stadium Road in Bahadurabad, Karachi, provides a wide range of courses, some of which are so uncommon that they are not taught at any other institution in the country. Students who desire to take a one-of-a-kind course in one of the categories provided may undoubtedly come to our institute for intellectual excellence and character development.

The RLAK Government College of Home Economics is a professional-level institute that offers a wide range of highly specialised and technical courses in five areas of home economics: clothing and textiles, art and interior design, family and home economics, human development, nutrition and dietetics, residential management, and entrepreneurship.

Students can also participate in a variety of creative and extracurricular activities through guilds and groups to develop a multi-faceted photoresist with obstacles manufactured in real life.

College graduates are immediately incorporated into professional life after finishing their traditional school days, which is a unique aspect of the intellectual curriculum.

Is Sir Syed College Private Or Government?

Sir Syed Government Girls College is located in Nazimabad, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Sir Syed Girls College is located near 1st Chowrangi on Altaf Ali Barelvi Road in Nazimabad, Karachi, and is governed by the Government of Sindh.

What Is Fsc Degree?

The acronym FSc stands for Faculty of Science. This is a science-based learning curriculum for intermediate pupils. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is in charge of Pakistan’s local education system (BISE).

How Much Percentage Is Required For Aga Khan College?

Students who pass the AKU-EB or any other recognised board/university’s annual Secondary School Certificate (SSC) (or its equivalent) annual examination with a minimum aggregate of 60 percent in the Science Group, or a minimum of 55 percent in the General Group, are eligible to apply for admission.

What Is Meant By Higher Secondary School?

In certain locations, higher secondary is referred to as “senior secondary.” It refers to the education provided in schools to students in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Higher secondary schools are those that give instruction to students in these courses. It refers to the price of pursuing a higher education.

What Is The Difference Between Higher Secondary And Higher School?

Senior Secondary Education, or SSC, is referred to as class 10 or grade 10. Higher Secondary Education, or HSC, covers classes 11 and 12. Higher school education is the term used in the United States.


When deciding on a course of study or a career path, a number of considerations naturally come into play. For budgetary reasons, many students opt to attend low-cost institutions.

So I would advise them to enrol in any government institution since these universities have minimal costs that any student can afford. Students should, however, examine the quality of education and facilities while considering prices.

Students are also aware that admission to the finest government institutions in Karachi is competitive, and that all faculties use proper selection criteria.

So, always be wise while searching for the best college for you or your children, if you are a parent. As this will set the basics of your children through the next destination and ultimately helpful in the future. 

Stay Blessed & Good Luck

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