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SPSC CCE Past papers [Sindh Public Service Commission]

SPSC CCE Past papers [Sindh Public Service Commission]

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SPSC Cce Past paper Held on 09-12-2018

1.Mian yar m.kalhoro tomb: Khudabad

  1. Tomb of Sultan Bahu:
  2. Prime mediteranean and Equator intersecting point: The gulf of guinea
  3. 1973 constitution promulgated on: 14 Aug 1973
  4. 3rd stage of coal formation: Bituminous
  5. Synonym of meek: Submissive
  6. Synonym of Extravagant: lavish
  7. Synonym of Capricious: Unstable
  8. Catalonia is around: Spain
  9. Traechoma disease of: Eye
  10. Continuous bleeding is caused by deficiency of which vitamin: K
  11. Pneumonia affects: Respiratory system
  12. Smallest diameter of which planet: Mercury
  13. Liquid at room temperature: Mercury
  14. Which is not a baltic state: Romania
  15. Plane landed in Isb of … country: Israel
  16. Kushhogi killed in Saudi embassy in Turkey in the city of: Istanbul
  17. Savage mountain and chogori are the names of : K2
  18. D-8 is org of …. countries:
  19. BBC 100 women list: Krishna Kumari
  20. Gomal and kuram rivers are in: KPk
  21. Dasht-e-lut desert is in: Iran
  22. Pak opened its first embassy in: Iran
  23. A is 2 year older than B and B is twice the age of C, the total ages of A,B,C is 27 then what is the age of B? 10
  24. Women rights activist died in 2018 was: Asma Jhangir
  25. Restaurant:Menu:: Library: Catalogue
  26. Asylum: Refuge
  27. 2nd PM of Pak: Nizamuddin
  28. Faiz festival 2018 held in: Lahore
  29. Thinnest layer of Earth is: Crust

31: Domestic planes fly in which layer:

  1. 3rd stage of coal: Bituminous
  2. Bauxite is the form of: Aluminium
  3. 23:144:: __:169
  4. First country to host women foreign ministers conference is: Canada
  5. senate seats currently 104 after retirement of Fata senators in 2024 will be: 96
  6. Isosceles triangle: Having two equal sides
  7. Idiom: To face the music means to bear the consequences
  8. Liver of Birds contain: Alveoli
  9. Study of tissues: Histology
  10. In 1995 umar marvi was written by: (i dont exactly remember the question)
  11. Nephrons are part of which organ: Kidney
  12. Book: Governing the ungoverns by: Ishrat Hussain
  13. Which pass connect mardan with malakand: Dargai pass
  14. Quad 2018 held between which countries:
  15. Australia won icc women t20 cup against: England
  16. Best player of fifa 2018 men: Luka
  17. Angel waterfall is in: Venezuela
  18. Ocean covers …. percent water on earth: google says 97%
  19. Which is not EM wave: Sound waves

spsc past papers pdf of SPSC Cce 2019

1.ptv dram umar marvi by noor ul hudda shah

  1. Commercial aircraft fly in stratosphere
  2. Angel water fall in Venezuela
  3. Cyprus is disputed between turkey and greece
  4. Mettle : cowardly
  5. Vague: definate
  6. Entomology reptiles ( no other option was feasible)
  7. Sound was are not electromagnetic waves
  8. Hothi group is fighting saudi means no of these
  9. South American Muslim oic members guana and Suriname not sure
  10. Quad : japan, usa, india and Australia

13 . Cold start a military doctrine

  1. Histology is the study of tissues

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