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PPSC Headmistress & Headmaster past papers
PPSC Headmistress & Headmaster past papers

Solved past paper of Headmaster/ Headmistress 2017,2016

Solved past paper of Headmaster/ Headmistress  

PPSC PAST PAPERS WAS Held on 10-09-2016

I am going to share with you the paper of headmaster , that was conducted by the Punjab Public Service Commission of Pakistan.
1 Education confined to educational institutions is=formal education
2  important element of non-formal education is media
3 Pedagogy is con concerned with= teaching methods
4 Epistemology deals with= knowledge
5 Study of old books= perennialism
6 1st educational conference= 1947
7 Field of study concerned with learning activities is called= psychology
8 ESR is an action plan of=2001-2005
9 micro teaching =group of teachers training
10 Demonstration means= perform
11 Blackboard is =visual aids
12 Portfolio =students work
13 Father of Computer=Charles babbage
14 A bit is= only 1
15 Computer made of lot of=chips
16 Computer works on data and gives result its called = analysis
17 Basic function of democratic teacher=guiding students
18 Effective teaching = friendly environment with students
19 Which 1 is odd=b.tec
20 Which 1 is not teacher training inst.= agriculture uni
21 E/S educators r appointed in=BPS9
22 Effective teaching require = planning
23 Psychoanalysis is a school of thought=???
24 Hierarchy of Needs =Maslow
25 Judge the students difficulties of class= diagnostic evaluation
26 Increasing objectivity of marking =MCQ
27 Values divided into 2 equal parts= median
28 Test measures what to be intended =validity

29 Length of test is an important factor in obtaining a representative =sample
30 If test gives same score =reliability
31 in a room boys 12 & girls 32. 18 fraction of boys with class= 2/5
33. 30%=100 then 3%=1000
34. 2/?=?/50=10
35 urdu k bwa e adam= yamni
36 Tehzibul akhlaq= sir syyad
37 Urdu+farsi book=armaghan e hijaaz
38 Ibn e maryam= kunniyat
39 Babri masjid in= utar pardesh
40 Usain bolt got= 3 medals
41 PEC = punjab examination commission
42. Guava = vitamin c
43 kokarakram higest range=nanga perbat
44. NAM =1979
45. Cell= mitochondria
46. Process of curriculum=??
47. 3×-4=11 then (3×-4)2=22
48. In a class stidents sits in a group circle= ???
49. Synonyms ???= diverse
50. Synonyms indigenous =native
51. Study of people’s income = survey research
52. Costal boundaries =Russia
53. Physical differences=???
54. Chickenpox = A option correct the
55. Embessidor= china
56. Disease = lungs ya eys ki the
57. Which is not the characteristics of authoritative teachers =rudeness
58. HEC 1st chairman =???
59.Effective administration of HM= visit classes
60. Model wala question tha koi
61. 1 question tha jis ka ans= decision making tha
62. Ms Maliha wala question tha aik =me ne A option lgai
Lines blocks in straight row
63. Chief air Marshall= usman
64. First water idiom=???

Solved past paper of Headmaster/ Headmistress

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