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sindh testing service (STS) past papers

sindh testing service (STS) past papers

> Land of milk and honey is called to Lebanon.

> Father of zoology is Aristotle.

> Qutubuddin Aibak was buried at Lahore afterhis death.

> Study of heredity is called Genetics.

> In 1608 under the leadership of CaptainHawkins the English fleet reached India.

> Minaret qutub minar ia in Delhi (238 feet )

> Sun has 90% hydrogen 8% helium and 2% otherelements.

> Temperature at surface of sun is 6000k and atits center 20 million Kelvin.

> Largest mammal is blue whale.> Parliament of morocco is majilis al nuwab.

> The first Pakistan who became the judge ofinternational court of justice was sir zafarullahkhan.

> The world oldest surviving monarchy is in Japan.

> Pedagogy is a science of teaching.

> India is the world largest importer of weapons.

> The constitution of all India Muslim league wasdrafted by a committee in 1907 headed bymualana Muhammad ali jauhar.

> Highest military award of Britain is VictoriaCross.

> Corona is the outer most part of the sun.

> Mercury and Venus are without satellites.

> Asia watch is the human rights organization.

> Reko dik located in Baluchistan.

> Famous Pakistani woman player maria toor isassociated with the associated with the game ofsquish.

> Blue yellow ted are the primary colors.

> The Bolshevik revolution is associated withRussia.

> Umar marvi is a folk story of sindh.

> Faiz ahmad faiz was convicted in RawalpindiConspiracy case.

> Europe only Islamic states are Albania andKosovo.

> In which city there is the largest stock exchange of the world New York.

> Bird largest in size is Ostrich.

> Arabia is the largest peninsula.

> In 1994 Pakistan was the world champion of cricket hockey and squash and snooker.

> Dome of rock is located in Jerusalem.

> Dengue is also known as break bone fever,

> Only planet whose day is longer than its year is Venus.

> Atmosphere of sun has 3 layers.

> Earth surface temperature has increase mainly because of higher level of CO2.

> Hudson Bay is largest bay and is in northern Canada.

> Which instrument converted electrical energy into mechanical energy? Electrical motor.

> Siachen glacier and baltoro glacier are in Karakoram Range.

> Hispar glacier is in hunza.

> Circulation of blood was described by a Muslimscientist name abn-e-nafis .

> Al Khwarizmi was first person who used zero.

> The tomb of Anarkali in Lahore is located indepartment of Punjab archives in Punjabsecretariat Lahore.

> Lactometer is an apparatus used for measuringthe purity of milk.

> Manometer for determining the pressure of agas.

> Babar wrote his autobiography tujuk-uI-babri inTurkish language.

> Babar daughter gulbadan begum enumeratedthe qualities of babar in her book humayunnama .

> Margaret court a also known as Margaret smithcourt is a retired world no.1 professional tennis player and Christian minister from Australia.

> What year was the first summer Olympiad televised live? 1960.

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