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PPSC EXCISE & TAXATION INSPECTOR (BS-16) Paper held on 28-10-2018

PPSC Past papers

PPSC EXCISE & TAXATION INSPECTOR (BS-16) Paper held on 28-10-2018

  1. Caretaker pm during 2018 elections
  2. Defense minister in PMLN tenure.
  3. Queer synonym
  4. Who defeated napoleon at waterloo war
  5. Biggest gas reserves owned by which country
  6. Current Punjab education minister
  7. Current foreign minister of Pakistan
  8. Desiccated synonym
  9. There is no reason —- anyone should have objection (options why, that, because etc. Not sure if these were exact words in question)
  10. Disease caused by deficiency of iodine
  11. Which united nation organization Pakistan joined first?
  12. UNICAP is the abbreviation of (for Pakistan and India reference)
  13. What makes four bonds according to a new research?
  14. Which is not a member of G7
  15. Das kapital written by
  16. Which sahabi mentioned in surah ahzab
  17. Charles Darwin belonged to which country
  18. Largest planet
  19. Pakistan national anthem approved in which year
  20. When did USSR attack Afghanistan
  21. AFP news agency of which country
  22. Nobel prize started in which year
  23. Command to break a column in excel
  24. 2017 population census held after how many years.
  25. Daughter of hazrat umar that was married to prophet pbuh
  26. Father name Of hazrat Ayesha (R.A)
  27. First governor of state bank of Pakistan
  28. Jeeway jeeway Pakistan written by
  29. Ibne khitab is what by Urdu grammar
  30. 12 boys and 18 girls in class. Ratio of boys to the class
  31. First Pakistan women cricket captain
  32. Capital during Omayyad caliphate
  33. Zurich in which country
  34. Cockpit of Europe?



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