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ppsc test preparation

10 Quick and best tips for ppsc test preparation

10 Quick tips for ppsc test preparation


Dear Fellows! Seeking a reputable job and raising an envious career today is the most concern of our youth. As we know In Pakistan jobs recruitment for different government sector conduct always through a proper channel. In Pakistan their two types recruitment bodies are working one is on Federal level as Federal public commission (FPSC) and second on provincial level as Provincial public services commissions (PCS).


In Punjab PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) are response to advertise Punjab government jobs and also will responsible to conduct screening tests to find out most fit person for advertised jobs.

Punjab Public Service Commission (ppsc) advertise thousands of jobs every year and Millions of job seekers apply for jobs but only 10% of them get clear screening tests and get jobs .


Here we are sharing 10 worthy tips regarding ppsc test preparation

ppsc test preparation

  • Review Previous exams First: One of the most first step toward ppsc test preparation step is to review past papers of which held by ppsc against same level job. And do detail practice of all available past papers.


ppsc test preparation

  • Arrange groups study with fellows: Groups study will help you to enhance your knowledge and also help out you about yours Procrastination Solution. With this practices we always Learn Faster and Get New Perspectives about concern topics.


ppsc test preparation

  • Drink more water: Drinking Water Will improves Mental Performance. Due to drink penalty of water Remaining hydrated is fundamental and adds to your overall optimistic mood.


ppsc test preparation

  • Details review about syllabus: As we know PPSC also proving complete syllabus scheme for every post. Before preparation we should review whole given syllabus scheme deeply through this practices we will get idea about our weaker and strong area of study.


ppsc test preparation

  • Take regular intervals: This practice is making you more effective learner. Must take SHORT Intervals 5 to 15 minutes after every hour and long intervals for at least 30 minutes after every 2 to 4 hours of study.


ppsc test preparation

  • Bring consistency in study: Consistence is a silent key of every success even power of every successful person in the world. Set details tasks and plans about you syllabus and make yourself to complete that define plans


ppsc test preparation

  • Do use charts and diagrams: During ppsc test preparation must use charts and diagrams which prevails better sense to memories any topic for long term. This practice can help to you grasp visually the message that has to be conveyed. Diagram aids can be particularly helpful when revising study material.


ppsc test preparation

  • Focus on important content: Always try to focusing that portion who contain more marks. In ppsc most Subject related portion carrying 70% mean 70 marks out of 100 . so need to focus on that portion


ppsc test preparation

  • Make a study schedule: As we know a well plan schedule will produce higher results. Generally the best time for effective study would be Morning (5AM to 10 AM) quit silent , fresh mind , natural freshness .


ppsc test preparation

  • Arrive exam venue ahead of time: on the exam day should Arrive on exam venue ahead of exam time at least 30 minutes before. These practices will lead to decrease Stress, anxiety or depression of exam.


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