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ppsc Sub Inspector Cooperatives Societies past paper held on 13-08-2017

PPSC Past Paper of Sub-Inspector 
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ppsc Sub Inspector Cooperatives Societies past paper 2017 held on 13-08-2017

      1. Study of fruits and flowers I select Chronotology don’t know its right or wrong
      2. He said good bye! We will meet again I selected option C in which there is abate
      3. 1024 Kb equal Megabyte
      4. Which printer give high resolution Laser Printer
      5. Main processing done in computer by CPU
      6. Combination of electronic circuits make computer
      7. Which is used for input keyboard
      8. SAARC Secratariat in Khatmandu I select New Delhi
      9. Federal tax ombudsman Abdul rauf choudary I select Salman Faouqi
      10. Square of 32 or like that which is equal to its square
      11. PAC stands for I select Pakistan Atomic Council don’t know its right or wrong
      12. First UN Secretary General Trygve Lie
      13. Shiksha was in the court of ? I select Raja Dahir
      14. Which is the first dam created by Pakistan after independence ? tarbela dam
      15. Indian National Congress was formed by A.O Hume
      16. Plural of Sheep is Sheep
    1. She was dressed in Black

  1. Bicameral system introduced in 1973 constitution
  2. First Finance Minister Ghulam Muhammad
  3. First Constituent assembly 11 Aug 1947
  4. First Chief Minister of Punjab after independence Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot
  5. When Indus water treaty Made 1960
  6. Who opposed Pakistan UNO in 1947 Afghanistan
  7. 28 May 1998 Pakistan test atomic bomb in which province Balochistan
  8. First atomic plant was setup in Karachi
  9. First Civilian Marshalla in Pakistan Z.A Bhutto
  10. Who has not participated in 3rd simla conference held in 1972 Unionist Party
  11. Largest Island excluding Australia is Greenland
  12. Article 6 deals in High Treason I Select Fundamental rights
  13. Who runs for presidential election Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah
  14. Aristotal was a Greek
  15. Who was a historian, poet, jurist of 14th century Ibn al-‘Arabi’ (please tell if its incorrect)
  16. Simon commission report published in 30 MAY 1930 I select 29 Jun 1929
  17. Liaquat ali khan assassinated in 16 October 1951
  18. Misbaul Haq completed its 50 Test matches captency in December 2016 I select September 2016
  19. Who Designed Pakistani Flag Ameerudin Kudwai
  20. Which is a military alliance NATO
  21. Chennai is the new name of Madras
  22. Kalabagh will be constructed on Indus river
  23. Iron core found in Kalabagh
  24. Which is not scandanavian country Poland
  25. Genghis Khan was known as Timur
  26. Father of Internet Robert E. Kahn
  27. 1857 Battle was started from the city of Merut
  28. Which pillar of islam lead to Jannah Sallat
  29. First Migration to Habsha was lead by Hazrat Usman (R.A)ct Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)
  30. Duration of Hazrat Abu Bakar Caliphate 2 Years
  31. Hazrat Amina from which Tribe Bannu Quraish I select Bannu Ummayya
  32. Rights of parents mentioned in surah Luqman I select Surah Al Ahzab
  33. Which mosque demolished by Prophet (P.B.U.H) after returning to Madina Zarar
  34. First battle occurred in 1 AH
  35. Who composed national anthem Ahmad G Chagla
  36. Gulivers Travell written by Jonathan Swift
  37. Pathway to Pakistan written by Ch. Khaliquzaman
  38. The Lecture was delivered yesterday
  39. Our jounery will be completed by this Monday
  40. Where is the last city in Pakistan towards Afghanistan Zarang I select kaptika something like that
  41. Shandur Pass connects gilgit with chitral
  42. Baltit Fort is in Hunza Valley
  43. Earthquake study is known as seismology
  44. 1,2,4,7,11,16,22
  45. 2^5 x 2^3 = 256
  46. 20 boys and 28 girls how much percentage of girls are in class 58.3%
  47. Average mean of 10a+10b = 32 is 3.5
  48. Fundamental rights observed in 1948
  49. East or west Home is best I select Rest
  50. Indus is ___ strongest and ___(something like that) the/the
  51. Goodwin Austin is in Pakistan
  52. بہادر شاہ ظفر کے کورٹ میں کون شاعر تھا؟ ابراہیم زوق
  53. تزبزب؟ غصہ
  54. تنظیہ اور مزاح نگار کون ہے؟ اکبر الہ ابادی
  55. اسلام زندہ ہوتا ہے ہر کربلا کے بعد ؟ مولانا محمد علی جوہر
  56. آڑے آنا کا مطلب؟ کام میں روکاوٹ ڈالنا
  57. کون سا لفظ ٹھیک لکھا ہے ؟آسامی
  58. ابلیس کی محفل کس نے لکھی ہے؟ علامہ اقبال
  59. علامہ اقبال کی پہلی شاعری کتاب ؟ بانگ درا ، اسرار خودی تھی
  60. خطاب؟ قاءد اعظم

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ppsc Past paper of Sub Inspector Cooperatives Societies 

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