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ppsc PHARMACIST past paper
ppsc PHARMACIST past paper

PPSC pharmacist past paper 2017, 2018, 2019

PPSC pharmacist past paper 2017, 2018, 2019

Test held on March 2015 Under PPSC

These are some mcqs which taken /collected from last ppsc PHARMACIST past paper. Hope there will help out you.

Misbranded Drug refer to

  • False or misleading label

Adulterated Drug mean

  • refers to mixing

Chloramphenicol – Indication Used For

  • eye infections

Which of the following is not a viral infection?

  • Typhoid

Thiazide diuretics are decreased when GFR is less than?

  • 30m1/min

TPN calculation –

  • 147m1

Mode of action of Polyamine is?

  • Sulphate

Side effect of Morphine is?

  • Constipation

Aspirin pKa value is?

  • 0

Difference between Solution and Tablet form

  • Rapid dissolution

Absorption depends upon which factors?

Mutagenic test?

  • Ames

Cell cycle specific cancer drug is?

Alkylating agents

Cisplatin – Mutagenic Teratogenic, Carcinogenic

Atropine not used in Glaucoma because it causes – Cyclopedia

Process to reduce Zeta potential in suspension – Salting out (Not sure)

Morality defined as ?

  • a particular system of values and principles of conduct

Anti Gout initial therapy which increases symptoms?

  • Allupurinol

Colligative property except?

  • vapor pressure lowering

Patient on Ibuprofen…GI distress-alterative choice??

  • 5meq to 50meq

Oleaginous Base -0/W (Not Sure)

Emetic Coated Tablets?

  • 1M HC1

Taste Masking – Sugar + Film Coatis

Inventory Throve – (Annual Purchase – Annual Inventory)

Drug Utilization Review Program – Purchase (Not Sure)

Grape fruit Juice –

Compliance – (All of above) If Patient Not taldng medicine – Compliance

Beta Blockers Action – Decrease Heart Rate (Ac to Lippincott)

Water Soluble Antibiotic?

Antidote Combination – Penicillin ammine + Copper

Analgesic + Antipyretic but tun Pcripheml Acetaminophen

Botanical Pesticide – Pyrethntm

No Sodium Salt – Potassium Chloride

75% Solution – Hypotonic 54 . AIDS Drug

Digoxin Phannacoldnetic Interaction

Anti – Material Gametocidal – Primaquine

Hydralazine Ntechanism of Action

Vasodilator acting On Arteries and Veins – Sodium Nitroprusside

Corticosteroids’ as Immunosuppressant?

Spurious Dent mean

Granulation (increase tablet flow and compression)

Not a Diluent (Magnesium Stearate)

Aro order Kinetics are dose independent

Penalties Section refer to

Accredited refer to

Drug Coyne Composition (1 +2experts)

Iron Oxi de imparts pink color to Calamine Lotion

II-Acetyl Cysteine — Mucolytic Action

Antihistamine Toxicity,

Levofloxacin — Fluoroquinol one

Aspirin is believed to inhibit clotting by its action on which of the following endogenous substances

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