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ppsc past papers of special education
ppsc past papers of special education

ppsc past solved papers pdf

ppsc past solved papers pdf

These Solved MCQS related to Computer portion in PPSC exams these are most repeated MCQS

>> The major language of World Wide Web is


>> HTML is an abbreviation for Hypertext Markup


>> Transmitter is a device from where the

information is sent.

>> Simulation is a mathematical model of a real

system in the form of a computer program.

>> LAN is an abbreviation for Local Area Network.

>> In peer-to-peer networking, every computer is

capable of playing the role of client, server or

both at the same time.

>> URL is an abbreviation for Uniform Resource

Locator Uniform Resource Locator.

>> The network in which we connect each node to

the network along a single piece of network

cable is called Bus Network Topology.

>> The network in which we connect each network

node to a central device (hub) is called Star

Network Topology.

>> FTP is an abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol.

>> IDE stands for Integrated Development


>> A language that is closed to human language is

called High-Level language.

>> CBT stands for Computer Based Training.

>> A virus that replicates itself is called Worm.

>> The tool used to find a similar word in a

document is called Thesaurus.

>> File organization is components of physical

database design refer to the correctness and

consistency of data.

>> conio stands for console input output.

>> Duplication of data in multiple files is called

Data Redundancy.

>> A relation that contains minimal redundancy

and allows easy use is called Well-Structured.

>> SQL stands for Structured Query Language.

>> Accumulator Register stores the result of ALU


>> A collection of rules for writing programs in a

programming language is known as Syntax

>> Bridge one connects two similar network


>> Print device uses the parallel transmission.

>> ERD is a diagrammatic way of representing the

relationship between the entities in a database.

>> Half duplex transmission allows data to travel in

both directions but only one direction at a time.

>> Another name for free software is Public

Domain Software.

>> DPI stands for Dot Per Inch.

>> A small high speed memory insides CPU is


>> Logical Operators are used to evaluate

compound conditions.

>> MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Reader.

>> CAM is used to control all the parts of a

manufacturing process.

>> MHz stands for Megahertz.

>> DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access


>> The dots that compose the image of a digital

photograph are called Pixels.

>> A type of reader commonly used to read UPC

code is Bar-code reader.

>> Caps Lock is a Toggle key.

>> GPS stands for Global Positioning System.

>> Internet surfing is an example of Half duplex.

>> Analog signal is measured in Volt.

>> LCD uses liquid crystal between the glass plates.

>> Open System Interconnection (OSI) model

consists of seven layers.

>> BCD coding schemes uses 4-bit code.

>> Microwave communication medium requires


> Operating system is a collection of system

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ppsc past papers of special education

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ppsc past papers solved pdf

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