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PPSC past paper of ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (BS-17) 2019
PPSC past paper of ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (BS-17) 2019

PPSC past paper of ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (BS-17) 2019

PPSC past paper of ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (BS-17) 2019

Name of Post ( With Pay Scale) : ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (BS-17)

Test  held on : 14-9-2019



Cloth that covers the Kaaba is Called?

  • Right answer: Kiswah

Where Clark Glacier situated ?

  • Right answer: (Alaska) USA

trout lake Situated in?

  • Right answer: Canada

mount mickinly is refer to?

  • Right answer: All of these

2022 Winter Olympics will be held in which country ?

  • Right answer: China

Which country rejoins African Union after 30 years?

  • Right answer: Morroco

Saarc secretariat is sitated in ?

  • Right answer: Khatmandu Nepal

aatishkada  is written by?

  • Right answer: Din Taseer

These lines belong to “Phool ki pati sy kat sakta h heery ka jigar Mard-e-nada pe kalam e narm o nazak “

  • Right answer: Allama iqbal

Undlas Main Ajnabi is written by?

  • Right answer: Mustansar hussain tarar

Marathon race officially distance is?

  • Right answer: 2 Kilo meter

Great wall of china length is

  • Right answer: 21, 196.18kilometer

Bretton woods 1944 agreement for

  • Right answer: fixed exchange rates against Dollar

who wrote Hamara Pakistan song?

  • Right answer: Shafqat amanat ali

mirani dam satiated in ?

  • Right answer: Balochistan Pakistan

Fear of bathing is called?

  • Right answer: Ablutophobia

Nobel laureates after USA

  • Right answer: United Kingdom

DOCX file extension is a Microsoft belong to

  • Right answer: Microsoft Word

G20 comprises on members?

  • Right answer: 19 and European union

Blood produced in?

  • Right answer: Bone marrow

1st organ produced in body?

  • Right answer: Heart

Ephemeral antonym is?

  • Right answer: Permanent

asian infrastructure bank Headquarter ?

  • Right answer: Beijing china

24- Last sikh emperor in Punjab Was?

  • Right answer: Duleep singh

United Nations Organization UNO body power in Peace keeping mission?

  • Right answer: Security counsel

Cortege is refer to?

  • Right answer: Funeral procession

dhom دھام.?

  • Right answer: Mohmal

ghtar bood krna ?

  • Right answer: not available

numbers of series answer is?

  • Right answer: 22

Hayat-e-Javed by Altaf Hussain Hali written for?

Right answer: Sir syed Ahmed Khan

Islamic Republic Mauritania

  • Right answer: Is African country

Cairo is called

  • Right answer: city of bazaars

Alexanderia well situated in?

  • Right answer: Egypt

Egypt capital is?

  • Right answer: Cairo

Pakistan became republic in

  • Right answer: 1956

First Chaiman Joint Chief of staff committee

  • Right answer: March 1976

Enormous refer to

  • Right answer: Huge

2 divided by 0.5 is equal to

  • Right answer: 4

1st census in Pakistan held on?

  • Right answer: 1951

United nation Origination start?

  • Right answer: 1945

khilafat committee met loyd geroge

  • Right answer: in 1920

Godwin austen  Glacier is situated in?

  • Right answer: Pakistan

after Islam and Christianity most popular religion is?

  • Right answer: Hinduism

war and peace?

  • Right answer: Tolstoy

hot mail founder is?

  • Right answer: Saber bhattia

Now a days United nations wise president is?

  • Right answer: Mike pence

odi most wicket taker by Pakistan?

  • Right answer: Wasim akram not confirm

PPSC past paper of ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (BS-17) 2019

Pakistan and Iran signed a agreement april 2019 related to ?

  • Right answer: economy

49-bangladesh came to existence on?

  • Right answer: 1971

Asia Europe meeting by Chok Tong held in?

  • Right answer: Singapore

51-computer use which of following  ?

  • Right answer: Ip address (An Internet Protocol address)


1st martyr of islam is?

  • Right answer: Hazrat sammiya

2nd piller of islam is?

  • Right answer: Salat

10nabvi following person died?

  • Right answer: hazrat abu talib

1st writen Constitution on the earth is ?

  • Right answer: Misak e madina

zabeh ullah is the nick name of ?

  • Right answer: HAZRAT ISMAEL AS

Which prophet of Allah is called Abu Al-Bashar?

  • Right answer: Hazrat Adam as

periodic tables begin with?

  • Right answer: Hydrogen

plants at night exhale?

  • Right answer: Carbon

Anxious is most relevant to?

  • Right answer: Eager

Gordian Knot I refer to ?

  • Right answer: Difficult task

A piece of cake is refer to?

  • Right answer: Easy to do

she asked me if samia had talked…

  • Right answer: Chooice correct option

Please do solve? 1000 is 3%

  • Right answer: 30


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