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PPSC Lecturer of zoology Past Papers 1

PPSC Lecturer of zoology Past Papers

PPSC Lecturer of zoology Past Papers

>> Smallest disease-causing agents in plants are viroids.

>> The major cell infected by HIV is lymphocyte helper-T.

>> Pigment present in red algae is phycoerythrin.

>> Nutrition in fungi is absorptive heterotrophs.

>> Fungi resemble plants because they lack centriole.

>> Cuscuta is a parasitic plant.

>> True roots are absent in bryophytes.

>> The mechanism for ATP synthesis is


>> Enzyme present in the saliva is ptyalin.

>> Nitrogen is present in proteins.

>> The food is ground in the cockroach in gizzard.

>> Operculum is present in bony fish.

>> In frog animal respiratory surface are found in

more than one organ.

>> The heart is enclosed in a membrane called the pericardium.

>> From right ventricle blood is pushed into the pulmonary trunk.

>> Proteins are abundant in the lymph.

>> Jaws without teeth are found in birds.

>> Male reproductive part of the flower is the stamen.

>> Coordination in plants is by hormones.

>> The simplest fatty acid is acetic acid.

>> All enzymes are proteins which are globular.

>> Cilia are produced from centriole.

>> T.B of the following disease is not caused by the virus

>> Spirogyra is a filamentous alga.

>> ‘Cassia fistula’ is the scientific name of amaltas.

>> Phage virus consists of head and tail.

>> Bacteria without any flagella are called atrichous.

>> Protists have been evolved from prokaryotes.

>> Algae differ from plants in that the sex organs in algae are unicellular.

>> Fungi can absorb food from the substrate because they have rhizoids.

>> A seed may be defined as a fertilized ovule.

>> Platyhelminthes means flatworms.

>> The first land vertebrates were amphibians.

>> All life on planet earth is powered by solar energy.

>> Recombinant DNA is introduced in to host cell by means of the vector.

>> In cystic fibrosis, the patient lacks a gene that

codes for the trans-membrane carrier of chloride ion.

>> In birds the sex is determined by the type of egg.

>> In RNA nucleotides are attached by a phosphodiester bond.

>> The chromosome is genes + protein.

>> The human body contains water 70-90%.

>> Environment is a source of Food, shelter and clothing.

>> Freshwater ecosystem covers 1%.

>> Foul smell in the lake is produced by algae, bacteria

and fungi.

>> Starch is richly present in cereals.

>> Plants having foreign DNA are known as

transgenic plants.

>> Nitrogen does not occur in carbohydrates.

>> The basic framework of all types of membranes is lipoproteins.

>> Single membrane-bounded organelle is lysosome.

>> Irregular grape-like a cluster of bacilli is called staphyloma bacilli.

>> It is generally accepted that green algae plants arose from ancestral.

>> Main energy reserves in the case of green algae are starch.

>> The chief component of the cell wall of the majority of fungi is chitin.

>> After pollination the pollens are transferred to stigma part of the flower.

>> Glyoxisomes contain enzymes for glyoxylate cycle.

>> Vacuoles serve to in expansion and storage.

>> An isolated virus is not considered living since it cannot metabolize.

>> The predominant phycobilin pigment in cyanobacteria which is of blue colour is phycocyanin.

>> Deafness is caused by misuse of streptomycin.

>> Cell envelope does not include cell membrane.

>> Coenocytes are a fungal body which is multinucleate aseptate.

PPSC Lecturer of zoology Past Papers 1

PPSC Lecturer of zoology Past Papers

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