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ppsc general knowledge MCQS

ppsc general knowledge MCQS

> Alpha particles have the greatest ionizing


>> Gamma rays have the greatest penetrating


>> Gamma has the greatest speed.

>> At night the land cools faster than the water in

the sea.

>> The chemical name of chalk is Calcium


>> The branch of science which studies the

interaction between matter and radian energy

is called Spectroscopy.

>> The horizontal rows of the periodic table are

called Periods.

>> The vertical columns of the periodic table are

called Groups.

>> Bromine is liquid at room temperature.

>> Battery charger converts electrical energy into

Chemical energy.

>> A loudspeaker changes Electrical energy into

sound energy.

>> The strongest parts of a magnet are North and

South Pole.

>> Electromagnetic induction was discovered by


>> The most abundant form of matter in the

universe is Plasma.

>> When gas is ionized, Plasma forms.

>> Wind is caused by Difference in atmospheric


>> Wind speed is measured by Anemometer.

>> The fact that universe is expanding was

discovered by Hubble.

>> X-rays were discovered by Rontgen.

>> The Nobel Prize in physics for the discovery of

the law of photoelectric effect was awarded to


>> The symbol of gold is Au.

>> Plaster of Paris is produced by heating Gypsum.

>> Skin is the largest excretory organ of the body.

>> The brain is enclosed in a bony case called


>> Radius is the bone that is present in forelimb.

>> Cow is herbivore.

>> Xylem structure helps in transport of water in


>> The organisms that can make their own food

are called producers.

>> Bacteria are prokaryotes.

>> Bile juice is secreted by gall bladder.

>> WBC blood cells provide immunity.

>> Cuticle structure prevents water loss in plants.

>> DNA structure was first described by Watson

and Crick.

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