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ppsc free past solved papers pdf mcqs
ppsc free past solved papers pdf mcqs

ppsc free past solved papers pdf mcqs

ppsc free past solved papers pdf mcqs

ppsc free past solved papers pdf mcqs Science portion

>> Study of fossils is called paleontology.

>> penicillium is an example of fungi.

>> The scientific name of human is Homo sapiens.

>> Thread like structures in fungi are called


>> The smallest bacteria on earth are mycoplasma.

>> Vaccine for rabies was developed by Pasteur.

>> Malaria is caused by plasmodium.

>> Hepatitis is inflammation of liver.

>> Penicillin is obtained from fungi.

>> Tape worm is endoparasite.

>> Fructose is pentose sugar.

>> Peptide bond is a N-H link.

>> Mitochondria is called power house of the cell.

>> The structure that is absent in animal cell is cell


>> The non-protein part of enzyme is called


>> Nucleic acid was first isolated by Friedrich


>> Fructose is keto sugar.

>> Members of the same species living in the same

place at the same time make community.

>> Monocyte is a leukocyte.

>> Pulmonary artery contains deoxygenated blood.

>> In most plants the food is transported in form of


>> 6 molecules of carbon dioxide are formed in

one Kreb’s cycle.

>> Amylases enzyme digests carbohydrates.

>> The pancreas produces digestive enzymes and

release in the small intestine.

>> Detail study of internal organs at level of tissue

with the help of microscope is called histology.


programs that controls and co-ordinates the

overall operations of a computer system.

means “changes nature with passage of time”.

>ppsc free past solved papers pdf mcqs  General Knowledge portion <

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>> The United Nations was founded on October 24,


>> The International Court of Justice is located in

The Hague.

>> The Great Wall of China is about 21,196 KM


>> There are 10 non-permanent members of the

Security Council.

>> The currency of Indonesia is rupiah.

>> The D-8 is an organization of eight developing


>> The European Union’s working capital is in


>> The head quarter of NATO is located in Brussels.

>> The motto of UNO is It’s your world!.

>> The world’s highest mountain is in Nepal.

>> The head quarter of Red Cross is in Geneva.

>> World Trade Organization was established in


>> The North Atlantic treaty (NATO) was signed in


>> Italy, on the map of world, appears as “Long


>> The largest ocean of the world is Pacific.

>> OIC changed its name from Organization of the

Islamic Conference to Organization of Islamic

Cooperation in 2011.

>> The most powerful organ of United Nations is

Security Council.

>> The head quarter of Green Peace International

is located in Amsterdam.

>> 3 May is observed internationally as Press

Freedom Day.

>> The Capital of Canada is Ottawa.

>> Suez Canal is between Mediterranean Sea and

Red Sea.

>> The permanent Secretariat of SAARC is located

in Kathmandu, Nepal.

>> The currency of Israel is Shekel.

>> India (by electorate) is the world’s largest


>> The permanent Secretariat of OIC is located in


>> The highest part of the Earth is Mount Everest.

>> The lowest part of the Earth is Dead Sea.

>> The deepest part of the Earth is Mariana


>> The head quarter of Amnesty International is in


>> The head quarter of Transparency International

is in Berlin.

>> The largest Island of the World is Greenland.

>> 22 April is observed internationally as Earth


>> Yellow Sea lies between China and Korea.

>> The smallest Sea of the World is Baltic Sea.

>> World’s famous bridge “Golden Gate Bridge” is

in San Francisco.

>> Indonesia is called “Land of Thousand Islands”.

>> Indonesia is an archipelago comprising

approximately 17,500 islands.

>> Bangladesh is called the “Land of Golden Fiber”.

>> Finland is called the “Land of thousand Lakes”

>> Vienna is the capital of Austria.

>> The capital of Czech Republic is Prague.

>> ANTARA is the news agency of Indonesia.

>> Emirates is an airline of UAE.

>> Who was First Lady Governor?

Right answer is Rana Liaquat Ali (Sindh.

>> First lady federal minister was ?

Vikarun Nisa Noor (Tourism) is right

>> First state to join Pakistan was BahawalPur when join ?

Right Answer is 1954.

>> Pakistan cricket team first visited to?

England is right one

>> First captain of cricket team was?

Abdul Hafeez Kardar is ans

>> First century made by Pakistan Nazar Mohammd against which country?

India in 1954 in Lacknow

>> First Woman University is located in?


>> The First governor of Punjab Was?

Francis Moody

>> who was First CM of Punjab ?

Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot

>> First Governor of Sindh=Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah.

>> First CM of Sindh=Ayub Khoro.

>> First Governor of Baluchistan=Lt: General Riaz Hussain.

>> The Temple of Heaven, a religious building, is

located in Beijing.

>> The mine, Super Pit, is Australia’s largest gold


>> Swedish was the nationality of Alfred Nobel.

>> The first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901.

>> The Nobel Prize has been awarded in 6 fields.

>> The Li River is located in China.

>> SANA is the news agency of Syria.

>> Saba is the news agency of Yemen.

>> KLM is an airline of Netherlands.

>> Etihad Airways is an airline of United Arab


>> The Earth surface is divided in 7 Continents.

>> The Largest Continent (by Area) of the World is


>> The second Largest Continent (by Area) of the

World is Africa.

>> The Smallest Continent (by Area) of the World is


>> The Earth’s Oceanic water is divided in 5


>> The Earth’s Largest Ocean is Pacific.

>> The Earth’s second Largest Ocean is Atlantic.

>> The Earth’s Smallest Ocean is Arctic.

>> The world’s Largest Lake is Caspian Sea.

>> The hottest desert of the world is Sahara


>> The first Secretary General of United Nations

was Trygue Lie.

>> The world’s deadliest conflict was World War II.

>> The Atomic Bomb was dropped on the city of

Hiroshima on 6 August 1945.

>> Little Boy was the name of Atomic Bomb that

dropped on the city of Hiroshima.

>> The Atomic Bomb was dropped on the city of

Nagasaki on 9 August 1945.

>> Fat Man was the name of Atomic Bomb that

dropped on the city of Nagasaki.

>> The Delaware River is in United States.

>> The main structural work of the Eiffel Tower

was completed in 1889.

>> The height of Eiffel Tower is 1063 feet.

>> Reuters is the news agency of United Kingdom.

>> WAFA is the news agency of Palestine.

>> The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh.

>> The currency of Qatar is Riyal.

>> Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was

founded on September 25, 1969.

>> The OIC was founded in Morocco.

>> The 6th organ, “Trusteeship Council” of

theUnited Nations suspended operation on

November 01, 1994, with the independence of


>> The United Nations has 5 principal organs.

>> The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was

founded on 27 December 1945.

>> The social networking site “Twitter” was

launched on July 15, 2006.

>> The National Aeronautics and Space

Administration (NASA) was formed in1958.

>> 8 March is observed internationally as Women’s


>> 22 March is observed internationally as World

Water Day.

>> 7 April is observed internationally as World

Health Day.

>> The soviet media theory had its roots in German


>> The monetary unit of Bangladesh is Taka.

>> Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam.

>> Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is

known as Nazi Party.

>> Garampani sanctuary is located at Diphu,


>> Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of

the UN in 1993, is in the continent of Africa.

>> The height of all 4 Minars of Badshai Mosque is

177 feet.

>> Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York

is the world’s largest railway station.

>> Abdur-rehaman Chugtai made the design of

Pakistan’s first Stamp Ticket.

>> Bay of Arizona of the Atlantic, between

northern Spain and western France, is noted for

its rough seas and high tides.

>> Thomas Cup is associated badminton Game.

>> Largest Arms Importer of the World is India.

>> Ariana is airlines of Afghanistan.

>> FFC stands for Film Finance Corporation.

>> Jesuits name is given to members of the Roman

Catholic Society of Jesus.

>> . Epsom (England) is the place associated with

horse racing.

>> Atal Behari Vajpayee was the first person to

address the United Nations in Hindi.

>> The availability of cash and other cash-like

marketable instruments that are useful in

purchases and investments are commonly

known as liquidity.

>> Fatima Jinnah joined All India Muslim league in


>> First human heart transplant operation

conducted by Dr. Christian Bernard on Louis

Washkansky, was conducted in 1967.

>> Aquarius sign of the zodiac is also called The

Water bearer.

>> The 3rd SAARC Ministerial Level Meet on

Poverty held in Nepal.

>> Chickenpox is common childhood illness related

to shingles is also called varicella

>> Jamaica, Caribbean country is Montego Bay the

main tourist centre.

>> The largest peninsula in the world is Arabia.

>> The 16th NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) Summit

2012 was held in Tehran.

>> Canada made an exit from Kyoto Protocol.

>> Quid-e-Azam’s mother tongue was Gujrati.

>> Pakistan’s National Flag was prepared by

Ameer-ud-din Qadwai.

>> 15 counters have each player in a game of


>> Russia is the Second largest Arms Exporter of

the World.

>> Saudi Arabia is the largest Oil Producing

Member Country of OPEC.

>> Biscuit item takes its name from the French for

twice cooked.


>> The most beautiful stone-Marble is extracted

from NWFP province of Pakistan.

>> On Sea of Tranquility area of the moon did

Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins make their

landing on 20 July 1969

>> Yew name is more commonly given to a tree of

the genus Taxus.

>> The longest river in Pakistan is River Sindh.

>> In South Park cartoon series do the characters

Chef and Cartman appear.

>> In Switzerland, the headquarters of the

multinational company Nestle.

>> Tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir located in


>> Geneva, city in Switzerland was the

headquarters of the League of Nations.

>> At Karate sport have Keiji, Okada and Yuko

Hasama been world champions.

>> In Florida, US state is the port of Tarpon


>> Ice cream was first produced in Italy in the 17th


>> The total Area of the Capital of Pakistan

‘Islamabad’ is 907 sq Km.

>> Spanish is the official language of Mexico.

>> Lira is the standard monetary unit of Turkey.

>> Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia.

>> In 19th century the Crimean War takes place.

>> In Florida, US state is the city of Tallahassee.

>> Christopher Reeve starred as Superman in the

1970s and 1980s film series.

>> Chakor is the national bird of Pakistan.

>> Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry

VIII of England.

>> The Painted Desert lies in Arizona, US state.

>> In 1912 year 1912, the Titanic sinks on its

maiden voyage.

>> Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee.

>> Tripoli is the capital of Libya.

>> German, French and Italian are the three main

languages of Switzerland.

>> The Second largest city of Pakistan is Lahore.

>> The large moon Miranda is a satellite of Uranus

planet of the solar system.

>> Mount Cook is the highest mountain of New

Zealand nation in the South Pacific.

>> In Moscow European city are the Pushkin

Museum of Fine Arts and the Kremlin.

>> 50 white stars are on the national flag of the


>> A howdah is a seat used for riding on the back

of Elephant.

>> California, US state is the city of San Diego.

>> Athena was the Greek goddess of war and


>> Blue Whale is the world’s largest living


>> In 1976, Israeli troops stormed a hijacked plane

at Entebbe, Ugandan airport.

>> Dead Sea is the name of the large salty lake

which lies between Israel and Jordan.

>> In Ice hockey sport is the term ‘hookcheck’

often used.

>> Gatun Lake is part of Panama Canal.

>> In US politics, Vice-President carries the

nickname ‘the Veep’.

>> Sydney is Australia’s largest city by population.

>> 64 squares has a chessboard.

>> Green colour is the ball worth three points in


>> France is the most popular destination for

foreign tourists.

>> The Flathead Lake Monster is said to exist in

Montana, US state.

>> George Bernard Shaw wrote Arms and the Man

and Man and Superman.

>> Abraham Lincoln US president was assassinated

by John Wilkes Booth.

>> 20 numbers is between five and one on a


>> Antarctica continent comprises the land around

the South Pole.

>> John Keats English romantic poet wrote


>> Cuckoo bird with a distinctive call lays its eggs in

the nests of other birds.

>> Cook Strait body of water separates the North

Island and South Island of New Zealand.

>> On Adriatic Sea is the island of Corfu situated.

Most repeated ppsc mcqs 

>> Louisiana Purchase was the United States

largest single land acquisition.

>> Arabian Desert is the second largest desert in

the world after the Sahara desert.

>> For the Olympics and World Tournaments, the

dimensions of basketball court are 28 m x 15 m.

>> Each year World Red Cross and Red Crescent

Day is celebrated on May 8.

>> Andrew Jackson was the first U.S President who

was not from Massachusetts or Virginia.

>> Federation Cup, World Cup, Allywyn

International Trophy and Challenge Cup are

awarded to winners of Volleyball.

>> Famous sculptures depicting art of love built

some time in 950 AD – 1050 AD are Khajuraho


>> In South Dakota State is the Geographic Center

of the United States located.

>> Fire temple is the place of worship of

Zoroastrianism (Parsi Religion).

>> Garry Trudeau was the first cartoonist to win a

Pulitzer Prize for a comic strip.

>> Georgia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan became

the members of UNO in 1992.

>> Germany signed the Armistice Treaty on

November 11, 1918 and World War I ended.

>> During World War II, Germany attack France in


>> In Miami, Florida, james Mclamore and David

Edger ton open the first Burger King in 1954.

>> DRDL stands for Defense Research and

Development Laboratory.

>> Scott Fitzgerald author confessed’ “My stories

written when sober are stupid”

>> Topeka Kansas city’s name means ‘potato’ in

the Kansa language.

>> Gen. K.M. Cariappa was the first Indian Chief of

Army Staff of the Indian Army.

>> 10 inches tall is the pitcher’s mound in major

League Baseball.

>> FRS stands for Fellow of Royal Society.

>> Telegraph device’s invention was the main

reason for demise of the Pony Express.

>> During World War I Germany was defeated in

the Battle of Verdun on the western front and

Romania declared war on the eastern front in

the year 1916 AD.

>> Hamid Karzai was chosen president of

Afghanistan in 2002.

>> Durand Cup is associated with the game of


>> Tennessee Williams playwright’s The Glass

Menagerie appeared on Broadway and was

made into three movies.

>> Lake Placid was the first U.S city to host the

winter Olympics.

>> Headquarters of UNO are situated at New York,


>> Bartholomew Dias was the first person to sail to

the southern tip of Africa, in 1488.

>> First International Peace Congress was held in

London in 1843 AD.

>> Wimbledon was the only Grand Slam event that

eluded Monica seles in both 1991 and 1992.

>> Dr. Zakir Hussain was the first Muslim president

of India.

>> In Robinson Crusoe, Friday the title character

name of the native he befriends.

>> Hockey was introduced in the Asian Games in

1958 in Tokyo.

>> 640 acres are in square mile.

>> ESCAP stands for Economic and Social

Commission for Asia and Pacific.

>> Firdausi was a poet, well known for his epic


>> The Partridge Family TV show, the singing

family travel in Bus.

>> Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is at


>> During the first crusade, crusaders reached

Jerusalem and captured it in 1099 AD.

>> Venetian artist Titian’s last name was Vecellio.

>> Free market is market where the price of a

commodity is determined by free play of the

forces of supply and demand.

>> Michigan, U.S. state has the second most area

that is covered by water.

>> East Timor, which became the 191st member of

the UN, is in the continent of Asia.

>> Inventor of the tuning fork was English

trumpeter John Shore’s claim to fame in 1711.

>> GNLF stands for Gorkha National Liberation


>> Cincinnati college’s men’s basketball team

below is not nicknamed the Wildcats.

>> Fa-Hien was the first Buddhist pilgrim of China

to visit India during the reign of Chandragupta


>> Washington, D.C, U.S subway system has the

most miles of track.

>> In National Football League major U.S

professional sport the home team not usually

wear white.

>> Esmeralda was the gypsy heroine of The

Hunchback of Notre Dame.

>> 3 continents border the Arctic Ocean.

>> Franklin Roosevelt, U.S President first appeared

on the face of the dime on Jan 30, 1946.

>> Gary Player was the only golfer to win the

British open in three different decades in the

20th century.

>> Sinclair Lewis author’s first novel was Hike and

the aero plane.

>> Barbers profession was the first to accept what

we now call tips.

>> A Charlie Brown Christmas was the first Peanuts

television special.

>> 7 no- hitters Nolan Ryan throw in his career, the

most by any Major League Baseball pitcher.

>> Syed Ahmed Shaheed was the founder of jihad


>> Teri yad was the first Pakistan Urdu film.

>> Headquarter of international environmental

organization green peace is situated at


>> Presidential period of quaid-e-azam in Muslim

league is 15 years.

>> Steve jobs were American and founder of apple.

>> On 9th July 1950 Pakistan joined IMF.

>> The highest literacy rate among the SAARC

countries is in Maldives with 99 % and Sri Lanka

second with 97% (W.Bank Report )

>> Which country opposed Pakistan membership

in United Nations? Afghanistan.

>> Lightest gas in the world is hydrogen.

>> The world famous bridge Golden Gate is located

in San Francisco.

>> Autopsy is the post Mortem examination off a


>> India house is situated in London.

>> Ongest glacier is Lambert (Antarctica).

>> Death Valley is located in California USA.

>> The glorious revolution started in 1988.

>> The Paking news was the first newspaper of the

world (china).

>> Queen house is the official residency of Sri

Lankan president.

>> Largest railway station is grand central terminal.

>> Equinox means equal days and nights.

>> Becquerel is a unit of radioactivity.

>> Longest river is Nile (Egypt) of the world. After

Nile Amazon is the second longest river of the


>> Where do the white and blue Niles join

Khartoum Sudan.

>> Victoria River is a source of river Nile.

>> Marco polo (Italian) reached china through


>> Blue house is the official residence in South


>> Sun is 400 times larger than our moon.


>> Blood sugar level is controlled by hormone

called insulin.

>> One cusec is equal to 7.48 gallons (28.317)

>> Margalla hills of Islamabad are extension of

Himalaya range.

>> Tears are produced by lachrymal glands.

>> The largest x rays were discovered by roentgen.

>> Neutron was discovered by Chadwick.

>> First human in space is Yuri Gagarin 1961 of


>> Parliament of Japan is called diet.

>> World health day is observed on 7th April.

>> Herodotus called is father of history.

>> Largest sea bird is albatross.

>> Parliament of India is called congress

>> Fluorine is used to prevent tooth decay.

>> The visible part of the sun is called


>> People republic of china has the largest army in

the world.

>> Petroleum is the largest import item of


>> Largest industry of Pakistan is textile.

>> Union jack is the flag of UK .

>> Pakistan purchased Gawadar from Oman in

1958 .

>> Humayun died on 27 january 1556 as a result of

a sudden fall from the stair of the din panah


>> Akbar built the fort of Allahabad.

>> The first building of akbar time was humayun

tomb at delhi built under the guidance of his

step mother haji begum.

>> Hydrometer is an instrument used for

measuring the specific gravity of liquids.

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