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ppsc DATA ENTRY OPERATOR past papers 
ppsc DATA ENTRY OPERATOR past papers 

ppsc DATA ENTRY OPERATOR past papers 

ppsc DATA ENTRY OPERATOR past papers 

Computer portion 

>> Technology no longer protected by copyright,

available to everyone, is considered to be


>> Nano-science is the study of molecules and

structures whose size ranges from 1 to 100


>> Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science that

attempts to produce machines that display the

same type of intelligence that humans do.

>> Graphical pictures that represent an object like

file, folder etc. are Icons.

>> Time during which a job is processed by the

computer is Execution time.

>> Tim Berners-Lee credited with the creation of


>> The function of key F4 is To repeat the last


>> Perforated paper used as input or output media

is known as Paper tape.

>> A prefix for billion which is equal to 10 is called

as billi.

>> The ‘IC’ chip, used in computers, is made of


>> Hardware is any part of the computer that you

can physically touch.

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 Science potion

>> Alpha particles have the greatest ionizing


>> Gamma rays have the greatest penetrating


>> Cow is herbivore.

>> Xylem structure helps in transport of water in


>> The organisms that can make their own food

are called producers.

>> Bacteria are prokaryotes.

>> Bile juice is secreted by gall bladder.

>> WBC blood cells provide immunity.

>> Cuticle structure prevents water loss in plants.

>> DNA structure was first described by Watson

and Crick.

>> Pollination is best defined as transfer of pollen

from anther to stigma.

>> Movement of cell against concentration

gradient is called active transport.

>> Protein synthesis not a function of bones.

>> Plants absorb most part of water needed by

them through their root hairs.

>> Highly intelligent mammals are dolphin.

>> Process of cell division takes place by mitosis.

>> Pulses are a good source of proteins.

>> Plants that grow in dry habitat are called


>> Oxygen released in the process of

photosynthesis comes from water.

>> Phloem tissue is found in plants.

>> Plant bends towards the source of light on

account of the movement known as


>> Animal lacks cellulose.

>> On pea plants, Gregor Mendal performs his

classical experiment.

>> Among the biotic components of the

ecosystem, the producer system is plants.

>> Breeding and management of bees is known


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General knowledge Portion

>> There are 9 out of 10 largest peaks of the world

in the Himalayan range.

>> Hindu-Kush range was one of the regions

involved in Cold War.

>> Khewra Salt Mine is situated in the north of

Pind Dadan Khan, 200 km away from Islamabad

is also known as Museum of Geology.

>> Khewra Mine is world’s second largest

operational mine range after Goderich in the


>> A salt therapy clinic of 20 beds was established

2007 in near the mines for the treatment of

asthma and other respiratory diseases.

>> Dr.Wrath, a renowned Mining Engineer of UK,

laid out the main tunnel at ground level in 1872

to provide an easy access to salt deposits.


>> Area of Pakistan is 7, 96,096 Sq. Km.

>> Pak-Afghan boundary is called Durand line and

it is 2252 km long.

>> Pak-Kashmir boundary is called line of control

(Loc), it is 720 Km long.

>> Pak-Iran boundary is 909 km long.

>> Pak-China boundary is 592 km long.

>> Pak-India boundary is 1600 km long.

>> Pakistan has a coastline along the Arabian sea

and Gulf of Oman in the south. Length of

coastline is 1046 Km.

>> Islamic republic of Pakistan is the official name

of Pakistan.

>> Current capital of Pakistan is Islamabad and

previously capital is Karachi remained capital

from 1947 to 1959.

>> Pakistan is the 34th biggest country in the world.

>> Pak afghan boundary Durand line was drawn

during the reign of Amir Abdul Rehman.

>> Pakistan is the 6th most populous country in the


>> Pakistan has the 2nd largest Muslim population

country after Indonesia.

>> Pakistan is listed among the Nest Eleven


>> Ch. Rehmat Ali Wrote his pamphlet “Now or

Never” in 1933, which contain the term

Pakistan first time.

>> Total Area of Islamabad is 906 Sq. Km

>> Punjab Province has 9 divisions and 36 Districts

with 60% of the country’s population and 26%

of total Area.

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ppsc DATA ENTRY OPERATOR past papers 2015

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