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PPSC Assistant professor of English Paper

PPSC Assistant professor of English Paper

PPSC Assistant professor of English Paper

Test Date july 24, 2017..

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1.aspect of novel?

2. passage to India by?

3.romantic revival was due to?

4. dicken used symbol of bloodshed?

5.context is ? Static,dynamic,fixed etc

6. bannat,s states was entitled to Collin why?


8. Canterbury pilgrim in which season?

9.collin purposed?

10.dog,animal example of what linguistic term

11.hero of death of salesman sold what?

12 .Uriana , god of?

13.which god was praised in Oedipus Rex?

14.Chaucer,s attired characters?

15.character had beard in Canterbury tales?

16.trojan war characters?

17.which key is used to centre the context

18.iago,s idea about women?

19.othelo,s reason for delay?

20.telecast, word formation21.14 lines poem

22.5 lines funny poem 23. bio metric device

  1. 9 kg sugar ll b dived in how many bags of 450 grams each

25.a car runs at 40 km/HR..Distance covers from 9:45 am to 10:12 am

26. tension ki poem, wooden crowed that shyd name written in which type of meter

27.two or more cluses,with one independent clas is called

28. bilingual

29.reltion btw sound and letter is ,

30.play on words?

31.hardy,s setting .Wessex that

32.first 3 voyage Gulliver,s character is cynical,etc

33.miller themes

34 Faustus enjoyed for years?

35.according to Aristotle .No included in poetry imitation Instinct,rhythm,language,harmony

36.hardy was?

37.oedipus was raised at.? MN ne wrong kr dia.thebes likh dia

38.when Brutus found dead body ,what he did

39.who said?The new brave word.in tempest Dicken compared Sydney carton with animal?

41. Coleridge wrote which poem in dream opium

42.aristotle tragedy is, man worse than he is, better then he is,

43.world trade organisation office is in

44.limpid means

45.affluenc antonym

46.who designed Faisal mosque

47.aab e Hayat was written by48.Poem containing 4 lines

49.Donne mostly used .Conceit

50.length of cricket bat51.muhammadon educational .Was by

52.who is Santiago,s hero

53 salao means

54.when ..Visited pip , what was pip,s reaction

55.crucible setting Salem 56.willy sold what in death of salesman

57. gracious dorey . which technique is used 58.sick,..Of

59.live …Street. preposition


61.it grows dark.grows is verb of which type

62. saton leaping on the wall of paradise .Milton explained how

63.hamlet a play.tragedy comedy?

64.hamlet fault

65. hamlet is artistic failure.who said

66.morality plays.good and bad values

67. moratorium , kind of poem

68.who won the battle in rape of the lock

69.where card game was played 70 cave of spleen ?

71 . Clyde profession

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PPSC Assistant PAST  Paper

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