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Ppsc Assistant Directors Local Governments past paper

Ppsc Assistant Directors Local Governments past paper

C- Which is the correction option:-

11- Ali is afraid ___ spiders.(a) from (b) in(c) about (d) of

12- I am worried ______ the exam(a) in (b) about(c) on (d) of

13- He looks upset, I think he took the criticism ____ heart.(a) to (b) in(c) about (d) of

14- I am envious _____ them.(a) of (b) in(c) about (d) on

15- He confided ____ me.(a) about (b) in(c) on (d) of

General Portion

  1. HTML stands for… Right answer is hyper text markup
  2. URL stands for… Right answer is universal resource locator
  3. Melancholy opposite meaning: happy
  4. Abstruse… obscure
  5. Succinct….concise
  6. Eminent…unknown
  7. Covert…overt
  8. First prime minister Woman in the world is…bandrainke
  9. Fatima Jinnah joined Muslim League in..1939
  10. Qutub ud Din Aibak burried in..
  11. Bala Hissar Fort is located in…Peshawar
  12. Akbar born in the which city of present day Pakistan
  13. Baltit fort is located in..G.B
  14. Which country opposed Pakistan to be member of UN..Afghanistan
  15. Cease Fire line was named Line of Control in which agreement…simla agreement
  16. Line of control name was given in which year..1972
  17. Dara Shikoh was the pupil of….
  18. Which is the unpardonable sin ..shirk
  19. Hajj was made obligatory in which year.
  20. Bismillah came twice in which surah…numal
  21. Assalat o Khairu min Noum was added to azaan in the reign of….hazrat umar r.a
  22. Fiqah Book “Kitab ul Kharaj” was written by..abu yousaf
  23. Last Days of Quaid book was written by….colonel ilahi baksh
  24. Touchstone synonym is: criteria
  25. First Muslim Air Chief of Pakistan was….asghar khan
  26. Speaker of 2nd Legislative assembly was…..abdul wahab
  27. First President of Pakistan was…..iskindarmirza
  28. Who is the executive head of province….chief minster
  29. In absence of Chief Minister who become the incharge…
  30. In absence of President the acting president will be the..chairman senate
  31. Farazi Moment was started by….haji shariat ulah
  32. Why Hindus launched Swadeshi movement….partation of bengal
  33. Who named the “Mahatma” to Mohndas KaramChand Gandhi..
  34. Newspaper Comrade was published by….m.a johar
  35. Which Muslim woman attended the all three round table conferences…
  36. ECO headquarter is in city…..tehran
  37. OIC official languages are….3
  38. D8 is the organization of………developing
  39. Gandhi called the 1940 Pakistan resolution a ………moral wrong
  40. 40% of a number is added in 42 then the number itself is the answer, the number is……70
  41. If 15 men complete a work in 20 days then 25 men will finish in ……. days?…12
  42. (60)2=Y*72 then Y=……?
  43. The cost price of 10 copies of a book is equal to the selling price of 8 books itself then the %age gain or loss will be the…..25 gain.
  44. If a company sells a soup of Rs. 15 with a free spoon of cost Rs. 1.80 and get 10% profit still, then the cost price of soap is……12
  45. If tag price of a TV Is 14400 Rs. and it was sold on 25% and 10% successive discounts then the sale price of TV is…..9720
  46. Olegarchy stands for…..rule of few
  47. 50% of speakers are retired in how many years…..senator 3 years
  48. Entomology is the study of……insects
  49. Oasis are related to……(deserts)
  50. AFP is the news agency of……france
  51. Capital of Canada is….ottawa
  52. Currency of Indonesia is….rupiah
  53. which lake of Kashmir is so beautiful…..neelm
  54. Sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the…..(Motion of earth on its own axis)
  55. Change the direct sentence… The Teacher said, “Why was he late?”
  56. Meaning of Idiom ” Pulling the strings” is…….
  57. Ghalib and Hali was…….(relation?)
  58. Indian war of Independence of May 1857 started in the city of…..meeut
  59. Chacha Chakkan is written by…………
  60. Who wrote many work for children…….(Ismail Meerthi)
  61. Drama Waris is written by……..amjad islam
  62. Thanda Gosht and Kali Shalwar writer is…….manto
  63. Ap kaaj Maha Kaaj meanings:
  64. Gareeb ki Joro Sab Ki Bhabi meaning is…….
  65. correct the urdu idiom “Cheel k ghounslay mein mass kahan”
  66. Myopia is treated by ………. lens…concave
  67. First poetry book published of Allama Iqbal was…..bange darra

Which of these words is closest in meaning to the word provided?

1- remote

(a)          automatic

(b)          distant

(c)           savage

(d)          mean

2- detest

(a)          argue

(b)          hate

(c)           discover

(d)          reveal

3- gracious

(a)          pretty

(b)          clever

(c)           pleasant

(d)          present

4- Predict

(a)          foretell

(b)          decide

(c)           prevent

(d)          discover

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