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physics mcqs 
physics mcqs 

top every day science solved mcqs for All test ppsc , nts, ots

top every day science solved mcqs for All test ppsc , nts, ots

>> The exchange of chromosal segments i.e.

crossing over occurs during first meiotic


>> Many bacteria in our digestive system

synthesize vitamins for example vitamin B12.

>> Meningitis is very serious disease of brain which

is caused by fungi.

>> Waxes are widespread as protective coatings on

fruits and leaves.

>> Leucoplast is present in the underground parts

of the plants and stored food.

>> The simplest amino acid is glycine.

>> Accumulation of lipid molecules in brain cells

lead to mental retardation.

>> The life and activities of a cell is controlled by


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>> Flagella are composed of micro tubules.

>> Tobacco mosaic virus was crystallized by


>> Non-enveloped naked viruses are known as


>> Gram +ve bacteria on treatment with crystal

violet dye give purple color.

>> Malaria parasite is injected into man as


>> The terms procariotique and eucariotique were

proposed by Chatton.

>> The most common type of asexual reproduction

in the fungi is spore production.

>> Outside the thallus of Marchantia there are

special structures called rhizoids.

>> The vascular plants are termed as


every day science mcqs

>> In human beings influenza is caused by virus.

>> In arthropoda phylum the body of an organisms

is usually divided in three regions called head,

thorax and abdomen.

>> Snails belong to gastropods.

>> Amoeba moves in water with the help of

locomotory organs called pseudopodia.

>> In all coelenterates endoderm give rise to

digestive system.

>> Higher vascular plants are also called seed


>> The plants which produce embryo but lack

vascular tissues and seeds are placed in


>> Clavicle bone is called beauty bone in women.

>> Detachment of myosin head and actin in rigor

mortis occurs due to autolysis in body.

>> Release of the ovum from ovary is called


>> The foetus is protected from the mechanical

damage by the amniotic fluid.

>> Rich source of energy in seimen is glucose.

>> Sickle cell anemia was discovered by Vernon


>> Earthworm lives in moist soil.

>> Kangaroo has an abdominal pouch known as


>> The utilization of the products of digestion is

called assimilation.

>> Para bronchi are present in birds.

>> The respiratory problem most common in

smokers is emphysema.

>> Water potential of pure water is zero.

>> Bean shaped cells in plants are guard cells.

>> The normal pH of human blood is 7.4.

>> Shrinkage of protoplast due to exosmosis of

water is plasmolysis.

>> Artherosclerosis is a major condition leading to

heart attack.

>> Villi and microvilli increase absorption.

>> Splitting of glucose relates to glycolysis.

>> Reptiles hibernate during winter.

>> sphenopsids plants are called arthrophytes.

>> The temperature at which all of solid becomes a

liquid is called its melting point.

>> The temperature at which all of a liquid

becomes a gas is called its boiling point.

>> Only 2% of the world’s water is in the form of


>> The heavies’ solid is the element osmium.

>> The lightest gas is hydrogen. About 99.99% of

the volume of hydrogen gas is empty space.

>> The average human body contains about 250g

of sodium chloride.

>> The deepest place on Earth is Mariana Trench.

>> Bond making is Exothermic Reaction, and Bond

breaking is Endothermic Reaction.

physics mcqs 

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