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past papers of General Banking Officer
past papers of General Banking Officer

past papers of General Banking Officer Test National Bank of Pakistan which held in July 2017

past papers of General Banking Officer Test National Bank of Pakistan which held in July 2017

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  • 1)Best way to achieve global success for a company?  Workforce diversity

2) Final stage meaning English? Conclusion

3) Golden ball award to which player in ICC 2017? Hassan Ali

4) Conventional insurance in Islamic banking? Takaful

5) Monetary policy announced by? Governor SBP

6) Which is NOT function of commercial bank? Regulating finance

7) Highest ATM of which bank? NBP8) Rs 50 coin was introduced? Abdul Sattar Edhi

9) ATM ? Automated teller machine

10) Tennis tournament won by Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi? Barcelona Open

11) KYC? Know Your Customer12) Current Chief justice? Saqib Nisar

13) Current chief justice of Sharia Court? Najm ul Hassan

14) Not a challenge to international companies? Unanticipated business

15) Life jacket: Boat: Seat belt: Airplane

16) Shelf: Books: Album: Photographs17) Infinite: Limited:?

18) Boys earn Rs 7400 by selling Chocolates (Rs 75 each) and Lollipops (Rs 40 each). How much lollipops they sold?

19) Average age of father mother and son is 45 years. After 15 years age of mother will be equal to sum of ages of father and son. What is present age of mother?

20) To make someone happy through comedy? Amuse

21) Lose : Direction :: Confused : Understanding

22) OBOR (One Belt One Road) summit is held in china

23) GDP Gross Domestic Product

24) Olympics of special people 2017 held in Austria……B….11: Final Part of something

12: Entertain someone specially

13: Careful and detail examination

14: To make something less pure

15: Quality of being new Question no 16 to 20 Analogies

16: infinite: Limited

17: Lost : Direction

18: Stage : Theater

19: Shelf : Book

20: Lifejacket : Boat

21 to 30 Intelligence 21: 412 among 100 boys and girls. Ans 40 boys22: x:5=90:450 find the value of x? x=1

23: Complete sequence MAB, NCD, OEF, ______ ans. PGH

24: Average of son, mother and daughter is 45 years. Ans. 60 year present age of mother

25: Sequence ans. 54

26: 4:7=16:x ans. 28

27: Sequence 14,29,59,119,239,______. Ans. 47928: Lolipop and Chocolate question. Ans. 110 lolipop.

29: Sequence 3,3,6,18,72,_____, Ans. 360

30: Sequence….. Ans. Question no 31 to 50 Current Affair and GK.

31: SBP issued coin of 50 Ans. Eidhi

32: Chief Justice of Pakistan Ans. Justice Saqib Nisa

33: Islamic Alternative to Conventional Insurance Ans. Takaful

34: Tennis men’s double final won by Aisam ul Haq Ans.

35: One Belt One Road summit held in .. Ans. China

36: SBP issued banking license to Ans. Bank of China

37: Chief Justice of Federal Shariah Court. Ans. Justice Najjam ul Hassan

38: ICC Champions Trophy Golden Ball Awar. Ans. Hassan Ali

39: Purpose of CPEC. Ans. Reduce shipping cost of China

40: Highest Altitude ATM. Ans. NBP

41: Not Function of Commercial Bank. Ans. Regulatory of finance

42: ATM stand for: Ans. Automated Teller Machine

43: Pakistan’s export except. Ans Petroleum?

44: Banker customer relationship except. Ans. Insurer and Insured

45: Monetary policy announced by Ans. Governor of SBP46: KYC Ans. Know your customer

47: Which authority regulate banking. Ans. SBP

48: GDP stands for Ans. Gross Domestic Product49: Special Olympics 2017 held in, Ans. Austira50: Pakistan is member of all except Ans. Dx

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