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This is Past papers of headmistress Under PPSC

  • National education policy 1979 put emphasis on
    • Special edu b) elementary edu c) secondary edu d) higher edu.
  • In cognitive domain highest level of learning is
    • knowledge (b) evaluation c) comprehension d) syllabus
  • source of achieving edu objective is mainly based on
    • a)curriculum evaluation (b)developing objective of curriculum c)framing students activities d)implementation of curriculum
  • Expenditure on edu is regarded as
    • profit (b) investment c) advancement d) progress
  • Teacher efficiency will increase more if he is
    • a)provided plenty of books n of reading) given opportunity to practice what he learns (c)able 2 use modern technology d)placed under strict management and discipline
  • great method of teaching by naturalists is
    • discussion’s b)study tours c)role playing (d) play way
  • Who is not curriculum expert
    • Hilda Taba b) S.S Shore c)L.R.Gay (d)Murray Print
  • some extra and specific information iz provided to students through
    • Activity curriculum (b) core curriculum c)subject curriculum d)hidden curriculum
  • Integrated curriculum has been mainly developed for classes
    • a)1-5 (b)1-3  c)1-7 d)6-8
  • Profession in field of education iz serving purpose of
    • a)training teachers b)remain in field for ever (c)provide service to humanity d)upgrade textual material
  • Heuristc method means
    • (a)to investigate b)to show c)to do d)to act
  • Who invented deductive or inductive method?
    • (a)Socrates b) john locks c) Plato d) Aristotle
  • dividing work into different tasks and organizing called
    • Job title b) job specification c) job evaluation (d) job description
  • Idealism changes occurred
    • A)fast (b)slowly c)do not occur d)averagely
  • Span of years during which move from childhood to adulthood mentally emotionally socially and physically
    • A)Late childhood b) infancy (c) adolescence d) adult years
  • Education is not pre planned in
    • a)formal (b)informal c) non formal d) adult
  • 17evaluation related to
    • A)Numerical value (b) value judgment c) qualitative value d)learning speed
  • Headmaster’s role of academic guidance and assistance to teachers
    • A)Administrator role (b) supervisory role c) manager role d) executive role
  • Mini culture can b seen in
    • A)Home b) School c) functions (d) classroom
  • Outline of topics of subject to b covered in specific time called
    • A)Curriculum b) text book (c) syllabus d)teachers guide
  • Committee responsible to finalize curriculum up to secondary level in Pakistan
    • (a)national curriculum comity b)teachers curriculum comity c)text book comity d)curriculum bureau
  • according to bloom taxonomy of educational objective psychomotor domain deals with
    • a)intellectual abilities b)feelings/emotions (c)manipulate & psychomotor skills d)aesthetics abilities
  • major impact of ali.grh movement was
    • political training b)teaching of eng c)social activities d)religious activities
  • in motivation process appreciation by higher management DEO is considered
    • extrinsic reward b) intrinsic reward c)institutional reward d)students inspirations
  • minor penalty under E&D rules imposed on indiscipline employee is
    • a)termination b)dismissal (c)censure d)lowering scale
  • curriculum presents instructional material” is stated by
    • a)wheller (b)jack kerv c)smith d)elizbth maccis
  • Teachng would fall in which of following classification work
    • a)managerial b)supervision (c)profession d)skilled
  • main aim of edu in pak at primary and secondary level is attainment of students is
    • a)abilities b)capacities (c)potentialities d)capabilities
  • 29) mosques were declared as education center for 1st time in policy of
    • a)1969 b)1972 (c)1979 d)1998
  • research which deals wd classroom problems called
    • Experimental (b) applied c) action d)description
  • piaget presented theory
    • cognitive development b)psychomotor development c)moral development d)educational development
  • EDO stands for
    • a)Executive district officer b)education district officer c)educational development of curriculum d)education of development of curriculum
  • budgeting is an estimation of
    • a)income & investment b)investment c)income &expenditure d)executive only
  • MIS stands for
    • a)measurement information system b)management information system c)module information system d) management information strategy
  • montessori introduced by
    • a)john dewey b)dr.maria c)frobel d)horace mann
  • provision of facilities of advance study research& teacher training is available in
    • a)DSD b)institution of edu &research c)curriculum bureau d)primary & secondary edu
  • founder of descry learning
    • A )dewey b) pieget c)smith d)bruner
  • froeble established 1st kindergarten school in
    • a)1657,b)1857 c)1837d)1863
  • trait not concerned with measurement
    • a)comparison b)quantity c)virtue d)number
  • education measurement deals with
    • a)quantitative aspect of evaluation b)standardized aspects of evaluation c)qualitative aspects of evaluation
  • education process of formation of highest moral character of individual through many sided interests” said by
    • a)fredrick herbert b)plato c)aristotle d)alama.iqbal
  • true aim of education was attainment of happens which was  possible only through perfect virtue with  statement of
    • a)socrates b)aristotle c)plato d)Ghazali
  • Most important element of education system is
    • a)examination b)aims of edu c)syllabus d)teaching strategy
  • purpose of basic education scheme is
    • a)to deal primary edu students b)to vocationally edu c)togive awareness of basic needs  d)2 make edu compulsory to all
  • to raise standard of edu it is necessary
    • a)to evaluate students continuously b)to give high salary 2 teachers c)to revise curriculum d)to make good school buildings
  • chartr act favored eng language as supreme to teach western knowledge  & science subjects
    • a)1892 b)1782 c)1800 d)1813
  • Provincial ofcz of Pakistan txt book boards were established in
    • a)1960 b)1961 c)1962 d)1963
  • frieud was
    • a)behaviorist b)educationist c)psychologist d)physician
  • educational psychology describe &explain learning experience of an individual from birth through a)teenage b)old age c)young age d)maturity
  • 1st intelligence test developed by
    • a)freud b)thorndike c)binet d)skinner
  • a hierarchy of motive meeting needs of self actualization was conceived by
    • a)skinr b)maslow c)spencer d)none
  • literacy rate in Pakistan is
    • a)54 75 58 65
  • to see people doing & try to do same is learning by
    • a)insight learning b)trial & error c)imitation d)by doing
  • edu mainly depends on ideology of
    • a)society b)community c)groups d)family
  • Propsed in light of Lord Macculay’s recommendation
    • a)benthic resolution b)charter act 1813 c)wood’s dispatch policy d)hunter commission
  • national planning board was set up for development of first 5year plan
    • a)1954 b)1952 c)1953 d)1951
  • students needs & interests r studied in
    • a)ideas b)psychological foundations c)society d)contents
  • 58).term I.Q devised by
    • a)wiliam james b)wiliam westrn c)john lock d)john dewey
  • in organization of activities in school basic determining factor is
    • A)Curriculum b)management c)social life d)trainers
  • v move from specific to general in
    • a)induct b)deduct c)drill d)discussion
  • Educational objectives have been divided into domains
    • a)2 b)3 c)4 d)5
  • time of presentation in micro teaching is mints
    • a)1_5 b)5_10 c)10_15 d)15_30
  • which was not the character of Lord Macaulay’s report
    • A)revival of eastern knowledge b)proliferation of western knowledge c)eng az instruction d)all above
  • 64 effective teachers demands
    • a)planning b)motivation c)evaluation d)analysis
  • elemntry school contains no of class
    • a)1_5 b)1_8 c)6_8 d)8_10
  • I.Q of average child is
    • A)Below 90 b)90_110 c)110_120 d)120_140
  • belonging affection status or best classified as
    • a)drives b)primary needs c) wants d)motive
  • roles of training & experiences for shaping & modeling of behavior is emphasized in cognitive approach behaviorist humanistic social leaned
  • test designed to predict future performance is
    • a)aptitude test b)intelligence test c)achievement test d)diagnostic test
  • ibn.e.khaldoon never favored
    • a)discussion b) questions answers c)lecture d)observation
  • if criterion referenced test is reliable the scores from test r a)useful
    • b)standardized c)consistent d)valid
  • boss is right feature of
    • a)authoritative administration b)democratic c)laissez fair d)instructional
  • casual leaves per annum for school teachers are days
    • a)20 b)15 c)24 d)25
  • most frequent used technique for elementary guidance service is
    • a)socio metric b)questions answers c)interviews  d)rating
  • nadva movement established 2 develop and promote
    • a)religious b)modern edu c)both d)2nation theory
  • which is not a type of lesson plan on basis of objective
    • a)micro b)cognitive c)effective d)psychology
  • micro teaching is
    • teaching methodology b)teachers training technique c)motivational technology d)content presentation
  • 1st component of lesson planning is
    • A)objectives b)presentations c)home work  d)summary
  • a repeated performance of learning act until attainment desired level of skill
    • a)demonstrate b)problem solving c)project d)drill
  • what is teaching
    • a)change of behavior b)process of changing views c) change of behavior in desired directions d)transmission of knowledge
    • assessment is general term that includes full range of procedures used to gain information about students learning
  • a)airing b)gay c)gay d)line & ground

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