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PPSC Most Repeated MCQS
PPSC Most Repeated MCQS

Most repeated MCQS IN PPSC

Most repeated MCQS IN PPSC

    1. What is Moon? Satellite
    2. Charge on Neutron? Neutral
    3. Current flow means? Flow of electron
    4. What is freezing point of Water? 0C
    5. When Muslim league come into being? 1906
    6. First president of Pakistan Muslim League? Ch. Khaliquzzaman (1949)
    7. Which melts in room temperature? Mercury
    8. Who is the chairman of Senate of Pakistan? Raza Rabbani
    9. What is Soap? Salt
    10. What type of gas in electric bulb? None of these(use Argon, neon etc)
    11. Who is Saudia King? Salman
    12. Who put martial law in 1977? Zia ul Ha
    13. Who abrogated constitution in 1958 and put martial law? Sikandar Mirza
    14. Who is chancellor of Germany? Angela Markel
    15. Second prime minister of Pakistan? Nazim ud din
    16. Who murdered Hazrat Ali R.A? Abdal-Rahman ibn Muljam
    17. Zakat obliged in ? 2.A.H
    18. Battle of Trench? 5 Hijri
    19. Australia Capital? Canbera
    20. Who accompanied in Hijrat to Hazrat Muhammat PBUH? Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A
    21. Evolution means? Continuous
    22. Zamzam means? Stop flowing
    23. After one unit in 1955 who become Chief minister of West Pakistan? Dr Khan Sahib(Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan)
    24. In 1946 ministry of finance to? Liaquat Ali Khan
    25. Simon Commission report in year of ? 1930
    26. Capital change to Delhi from Culcutta in? 1911
    27. Dry ice? Solid Carbon dioxide
    28. Indus Basin Treaty ? 1960
    29. Sheetan ko pebble kaha marty? Muzdalfa
    30. ILO? International Labour Organization
    31. Kashghar is in ? China

  1. Pakistan and China connect with? Khunjrab Pass
  2. Lolyd Muhammaden authored by? Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  3. Hormuz lies between? Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf
  4. Who abolished one unit? Yahya khan
  5. Jaliawala Bagh Massacre at? Amrster 1919
  6. Sindh separated ? Govt of India Act 1935
  7. After 1946 election the CM of NWFP? Dr. Khan Sahib(Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan)
  8. Which is landlocked country? Nepal
  9. P.M of Iraq? Haider al abidi
  10. New name of Burma? Myanmar
  11. Pakistan and India boundary line? Radcliff
  12. Thickest layer of earth?Mantle
  13. Income tax rate is 10% if tax deducted is 1500 what will be the income? 15000
  14. 1,2,4,7,11,16,22……… ? 29
  15. A boy purchase pen for Rs.80 and sold for 40? Loss Rs. 40
  16. A men purchase book of 440 and sold in 400? Loss 40
  17. CNG? Compressed Natural Gas
  18. Quran Pak completed in? 23 years
  19. Janat Ul Baqi? Madina
  20. Daily wages of worker is 200 increased by 10%? 220
  21. Hexagon ? Six sided
  22. More elastic? Steel
  23. Diamond is the form of? Carbon
  24. 1st constitution assembly dissolved by? Governor General Malik Ghulam Muhammad
  25. Montague Chelmsford reforms? 1919
  26. Blood is cleaned by? Liver
  27. Baqrah surah means? Cow
  28. 4cm square area? 16cm2
  29. 3% of 2000? 60
  30. If 16 men complete work in 10 days how much days required completing work by 8 men? 20 days.
  31. If 45% students fail and 550 pass total number of students? 1000
  32. Four side equal ? Square
  33. Animals Who kill other for food is called ? Predator
  34. Jaddah seaport is on? Red sea
  35. All that glitters is not Gold.
  36. Glance at
  37. Insensible to
  38. Temperate in
  39. Living on
  40. No one took care…. Died
  41. He said good bye to his father
  42. Elephant belongs to my sister and me.
  43. Between 200-300 A.H 6 Hadith books were written.
  44. SAARC has 8 members.
  45. Rats and mice killed by rohtendecides

Most repeated MCQS IN PPSC

PPSC Most repeated MCQs 

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