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mcqs Physics

> Silicon can be obtained from Sand.

> Light year is the unit of Distance.

> Significant figures in 0.0010 are two.

> The time is taken by light to travel from moon

to earth is 80 seconds.

> The direction of avector in space is specified by

three angles.

> Torque is also called moment of a force.

> When brakes are applied to a fast moving car,

the passengers will be thrown forward.

> Range of the projectile is the same for the angle

35° and 55°.

> For maximum horizontal range, the angle of

projection must be 45°.

> If we add all the 7 colours of rainbow (red,

yellow, blue, green, orange, violet and indigo),

the resultant colour would be White.

> When white light passes through a prism, it

splits into 7 colours.

> A camera uses a convex lens to form an image

on a piece of film at the back.

> Short-sight defect could be corrected by a

concave lens.

> Red + Green + Blue = White

> Ozone layer protects the Earth from ultraviolet

radiations from the Sun.

> The distance of Moon from the Earth is 384,000


> There are 8 planets in orbit around the Sun.

> Planets are kept in orbit by the Gravitational

pull of the Sun.

> Nuclear is not a Renewable Energy.

> When vapours of a substance are cooled and

changes into liquid, it is called condensation.

> An instrument used to measure gas pressure is

called manometer.

> If we add salt to the pure water, its boiling point

will increase.

> The boiling point of alcohol is79 °C.

> The presence of impurities decreases the

freezing point of water.

> The melting point of ice is lowered by increase

in pressure.

> At high altitude the air temperature is lower as

compare to sea level, therefore water boils at

lower temperature.

> Evaporation is a cooling process.

> The refrigerator works on the two processes

condensation and evaporation.

> Air is a very good insulator of heat.

> Heat is transferred by three different processes

conduction, convection and radiation.

> In solids heat is transferred through conduction

and radiation.

> Gamma rays radiation has the shortest

wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum.

> Gamma rays radiation has the highest

frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum.

> Radio rays radiation has the longest wavelength

in the electromagnetic spectrum.

> Radio rays radiation has the lowest frequency in

the electromagnetic spectrum.

> Gamma rays are useful in cancer treatment.

> The speed of sound will be maximum if passing

through iron.

> The wire used to make the filament of a light

bulb is made of tungsten.

> The wire used to make heating elements in

electric kettles and irons are made of nichrome.

> Work done along the closed path in a

gravitational field is zero.

> When two protons are brought closer, potential

energy of both of them is increases.

> One KWh is equal to 3.6 MJ.

> The consumption of energy by a 1000 watt

heater in half an hour is 0.5 Kwh.

> Biomass includes crops residue, natural

vegetation and animal dungs.

> Hydroelectric is the conventional source of


> Ethanol (Alcohol) is a type of bio fuel.

> The number of Earth stations which transmit

signals to satellites and receive signals from the

are 200.

> INTELSAT operate ate frequencies 4, 6, 11, 14

having unit of GHz.

> The property of fluids due to which they resist

their own flow is called viscosity.

> Density of fluid is define as its mass of volume


> Stoke’s law holds for motion through viscous


> Fog droplets are suspended in air when their

weight is balanced by upward thrust due to air.


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