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Most Important MCQS for NTS test 

Most Important MCQS for NTS test 


> Marble and slate are examples of metamorphic


>> Sandstone and limestone are examples of

sedimentary rocks.

>> Absolute zero, which is the lower limit of the

thermodynamic temperature scale, is

equivalent to -273 oc on the Celsius scale.

>> The diameter of the Earth’s equator is larger

than the pole-to-pole diameter by 43 km.

>> The Tectonic Plates of the Earth lies in


>> There are 7 major tectonic plates.

>> The fresh water on the Earth is 2.5% of the total


>> The Ozone Layer lies in the stratosphere.

>> Sedimentary rocks contain fossils.

>> The mass is highly concentrated form of Energy.

>> The whole Earth can be covered by 3 geostationary


>> The ozone layer is at height of 20 to 30

kilometers from the surface of the Earth.

>> The ozone layer was discovered by Charles

Fabry and Henri Buisson.

>> The interior structure of the Earth is divided

into 5 layers.

>> We live on the Earth’s Crust.

>> The thickest layer of the Earth is Mantle.

>> The outermost layer of the Earth is Crust.

>> The Earth’s crust ranges from 5-70 km in depth.

>> The Earth’s internal heat mainly comes from

Radioactive decay.

>> There are different reasons on the Earth

because of The Earth’s axis is tilted.

>> On average, Air contains 1 % of water vapor.

>> Earth’s troposphere extends from the Earth’s

surface to an average height of about 12 km.

>> The science of lightning is called Fulminology.

>> Ships use Echoes to find the depth of the ocean

beneath them.

>> Molecules with identical molecular formulae

but with different structural formulae are called


>> The anode is the electrode connected to the

Positive terminal of a battery.

>> The unit used to measure humidity is


>> Laser was invented by Maiman.

>> The vernier calipers is used to measure Length.

>> Atomic clock is used to measure Very short

intervals of time.

>> 1 tone = 1000 kg

>> An instrument used to measure atmospheric

pressure is Barometer.

>> An instrument used to measure gas pressure is


>> All electromagnetic waves have the same Speed

in vacuum.

>> The reflection of sound is called Echo.

>> An instrument used to measure electric current

is called Ammeter.

>> The SI unit of thermodynamic temperature is


>> The shortest distance between crest to crest is

called Wavelength.

>> The speed of sound is fastest in Solids.

>> The speed of sound is slowest in Gasses.

>> Radioactivity was discovered by Henri




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