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mcqs for nts

Most repeated mcqs for nts , solved mcqs for ppsc preparation  COMPUTER/INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MCQS


Most repeated mcqs for nts , solved mcqs for ppsc preparation


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>> The translated program into machine code is

called Object program.

>> Format C is an example of virus Torjan Horse

>> Type of operating system MS-DOS is Command

Line Interface.

>> Shift+F3 keyboard shortcut is used to change

the case.

>> Laser technology is used in compact disks.

>> Operating system, editors and debuggers come

under System software.

>> Assembly is the Low-Level language.

>> A modulator is used to Digital signals into

analog signals

>> Impact Printer is a Dot Matrix printer.

>> CRT stands for Cathode Rays Tube.

>> A computer program that translates one

statement of program instructions at a time

into machine language is called Interpreter.

>> NTFS stands for New Technology File System.

>> In MS Windows key F1 is mostly used for Help.

>> 1 Gigabyte is equal to1024 megabytes.

>> The most widely used code for representing

characters in computers is ASCII.

>> The type of reader commonly used to read bank

cheques is Magnetic-ink reader.

>> ROM devices stores instructions that help the

computer startup.

>> The computer can move data and instructions

between storage and memory as needed, in a

process called Swapping.

>> When you press a key, Keyboard Controller

notifies the system software.

>> DOS was introduced by IBM.

>> Linux operating system is based on open-source


>> The amount of time taken by a device to begin

reading data is called Access time.

>> The RAID technology that contributes to fault

tolerance is called Disk mirroring.

>> MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network.

>> The software used for workgroup computing is

called Groupware.

>> De Facto standards were developed without

any formal planning.

>> 74. Physical is the Bottom-most layer of OSI


>> Data is transmitted block-by-block in

Synchronous transmission.

>> An important property of fiber optic is


>> The process to convert analog signals into

digital signals is called Demodulation.

>> EEPROM memories can be re-written by using

electrical devices.

>> Redlof virus is a polymorphic virus. Polymorphic

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