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Mcqs for Banking Test
Mcqs for Banking Test

Mcqs for Banking Test

Mcqs for Banking Test

Principles of Management Mcqs with Answers

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1) A primary benefit of MBO is:
A) Avoid competition
B) Resistance against new entrance
C) Improve employee motivation
D) Increase resources
2) Functional departmentalization groups’ jobs by which of the following?
A) Tasks they perform
B) Territories they serve
C) Products or services they manufacture or produce
D) Type of customer they serve
3) Henri Fayol, a French industrialist, first analyzed what managers do
and divided that work into functions The study of the management
function that defines goals and establishes strategies to achieve them is
A) Planning
B) Organizing
C) Leading
D) Controlling
4) Which one of the following items best reflects the extent to which a
society places a high value on reducing risk and instability?
A) Uncertainty avoidance
B) Power distance
C) Masculinity/femininity
D) Long-term/short-term orientation
5) When a manger made a decision and he is uncertain about the
outcomes His decision is likely to be:
A) Of Poor Quality
B) Unacceptable
C) Successful
D) Risky
6) Forecasting techniques fall into which of the following two categories?
A) Fixed asset and human capital
B) Predictive and confirmatory
C) Quantitative and qualitative
D) Empirical and conceptual
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7) A plan developed to carry out a course of action that is not likely to be
repeated in the future is called:
A) Single-use plan
B) Specific plan
C) Reaction plan
D) Directional plan
8) The organization which has no interaction with its external
environment is called:
A) Open system
B) Closed system
C) Non-interactive system
D) Moderated system
9) Which famous management thinker was related with the development
of “Theory X”?
A) Douglas McGregor
B) Abraham Maslow
C) Frederick Herzberg
D) Chester Barnard
10) The management function that specifies goals to be achieved and
deciding in advance the appropriate actions to achieve those goals is:
A) Leading
B) Controlling
C) Organizing
D) Planning
11) Supervisor is another name for whom?
A. team leaders
B. middle managers
C. first-line managers
D. top managers
12) Which of the following is true concerning technical and managerial
A. Human skills and technical skills remain equally important as
managers move to higher levels.
B. Technical-skill needs remain necessary and human skills decrease as
managers move to higher levels.
C. Human skills remain necessary and technical-skill needs decrease as
managers move to higher levels.
D. Both human-skill and technical-skill needs decrease as managers
move to higher levels.
13) Which of the following views of managerial impact is useful in
explaining the high turnover among college and professional sports
coaches who can be considered the “managers” of their teams?
A. symbolic
B. omnipotent
C. generalist
D. autocratic
14) Managers operate within the constraints imposed
A. government at the federal and state level
B. the employees of the organization
C. the organization’s culture and environment
D. the organization’s board of directors
15) Which of the following is not an example of a constituency that
makes up the specific environment?
a) customers
b) sociocultural factors
c) suppliers
d) competitors
16) Employees in organizations with strong cultures _______________.
A. are more committed to their organization
B. are more likely to leave the organization than stay
C. are more willing to perform illegal activities
D. are more likely to follow directives from peers
17) When Japanese employees use words such as: KAIZEN and RINGI,
they are using organizational __________.
A. languages
B. rituals
C. symbols
D. artifacts
18) According to the textbook, _______________ refers to the number of
components in an organization’s environment and the extent of the
knowledge that the organization has about those components.
A. degree of stability
B. openness
C. degree of complexity
D. change
19) A manager resolving conflict among organizational members is
performing what function?
A. controlling
B. commanding
C. directing
D. leading
20) According to Mintzberg’s management roles, the _____________ roles
are those that involve people and other duties that are ceremonial and
symbolic in nature.
A. informational
B. interpersonal
C. technical
D. decisional
21) Hawthorne studies were a series of early experiments that focused
A) Behavior in the workplace
B) Ethics in the workplace
C) Group norms
D) Interpersonal dynamics
22) Selecting an alternative in the decision-making process is
accomplished by option:
A) Choosing the alternative with the highest score
B) Choosing the One You Like Best
C) Selecting the alternative that has the lowest price
D) Selecting the alternative that is the most reliable
23) A plan developed to carry out a course of action that is not likely to
be repeated in the future is called:
A) Single-use plan
B) Specific plan
C) Reaction plan
D) Direction plan
24) Concern for employee motivation is most closely associated with
which of the following management approach?
A) Bureaucracy
B) Organizational behavior (NOT SURE)
C) Scientific management
D) Systems
25) Interest rates, inflation rates, and stock market indexes are all
examples of which of the factor of an organization’s general
A) Economic
B) Political
C) Social
D) Technological
26) Which factor has been the most rapidly changing component in an
organization’s general environment in the past quarter-century?
A) Global
B) Economic
C) Social
D) Technological
27) The process of monitoring performance, comparing it with goals and
correcting any significant deviations is known as:
A) Planning
B) Organizing
C) Leading
D) Controlling
28) When Usman decides to deploy employees to another department
that is lagging behind in production, he is acting in which of the following
A) Spokesperson
B) Negotiator
C) Leader
D) Resource allocator
29) The greater the risk involves in making a decision, the greater the:
A) Outcomes
B) Information available
C) Rewards
D) Uncertainty
30) Each subordinate should report to one and only one superior is
A) Authority
B) Unity of command
C) Unity of direction
D) Order
31) Which of the following is part of the principles of management
identified by Henri Fayol?
A) Scalar chain
B) Innovation
C) Efficiency
D) Motivation
32) A learning organization has developed its________
A) Educational department to keep employees trained
B) Capacity to adapt and change
C) Barriers to entry of its markets
D) A sustainable competitive advantage that is easy to maintain
33) Which of the following is not a suggestion for motivating employees?
A) Recognize individual differences
B) Makes goals very difficult to achieve
C) Match people to jobs
D) Individualize rewards
34) In Maslow’s need hierarchy, a healthy work environment is an
example of what type of need?
A) Physiological
B) Steem
C) Safety
D) Social
35) The plans which deal with fairly small set of activities are called:
A) Strategic plan
B) Tactical plan
C) Operational plan
D) Personal plan
36) Which of the following is known as the process of getting activities
completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people?
A) Leading
B) Management
C) Supervision
D) Controlling
37) Which of the following describe(s) a global marketplace?
A) The entire world is a marketplace
B) National borders are irrelevant
C) The potential for organizations to grow expands dramatically
D) All of the given options
38) The assignment of new or additional responsibilities to a subordinate
is called:
A) Coordination
B) Specialization
C) Delegation
D) Span of control
39) Which of the following management thinker created a role
classification system based on how managers spend their time at work
to describe a manager’s role?
A) Peter Brabeck-Letmathe
B) Abraham Maslow
C) Andrea Jung
D) Henry Mintzberg
40) Which expectancy theory linkage explains the degree to which a
student desires a good job?
A) Expectancy
B) Effort to performance
C) Input to outcome
D) Valence

Mcqs for Banking Test

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