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mcqs for ajkpcs 
mcqs for nts

mcqs for ppsc, nts , pcs, ajkpcs related to computer science g.k

mcqs for ppsc, nts , pcs, ajkpcs related to computer science g.k

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>> A primary key that consists of more than one

attribute is called a Composite key.

>> An attribute in database is also known as Field.

>> C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie.

>> A space in computer’s memory set aside for

some data that can be changed is calle


>> Queries are the database object allows

extracting specific information from tables.

>> The instructions that are given to the compiler

before the beginning of actual program are

Preprocessor directive.

>> Ctrl+F9 key combination is used to run C


>> Different attributes in two different tables

having same name are referred to as


>> SQL is a structured language.

>> The loop which never ends is called Infinite


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>> Ternary is another term for a conditional


>> The total numbers of keywords in C language

are 32.

>> CIM stand for Computer Integrated


>> Access time for most of memories is measured

in Nanoseconds.

>> A database consists of various components

called Objects.

>> Referential integrity term is related to the

features of cascading deletion.

>> ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine.

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>> Charles Babbage is known as “Father of

Computer Science”

>> One of the first recognized calculating device

was Abacus.

>> Pentium II is a Fourth generation computer.

>> The first computer that used vacuum tubes was


>> The numbers of read/write heads for a hard

disk of four platters are 8.

>> Unicode is a 16-bit.

>> Boolean algebra is also known as switching


>> First generation language uses Binary code.

>> In BASIC LOG function refers to natural

logarithm have Base ‘e’.

>> An 8-bit address bus can address a memory of

256 Bytes.

>> The programs which are permanent and stored

in ROM are known as Firmware.

>> UNIVAC stands for Universal Automatic


>> All of the following are examples of real security

and privacy risks EXCEPT Spam.

>> A process known as data mining is used by large

retailers to study trends.

>> Point-of-sale (POS) terminals (formerly known

as cash registers) are often connecte to

complex inventory and sales computer systems.

>> Surgeons can perform delicate operations by

manipulating devices through computers

instead of manually. This technology is known

as robotics.

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