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Inspector Customs intelligence past paper Test Held on September /2018
Inspector Customs intelligence past paper Test Held on September /2018

Inspector Customs intelligence past paper Test Held on September /2018

Inspector Customs intelligence past paper Test Held on September /2018

  1. Observer States of UN? 2
  2. Observer States of SCO? 3
  3. Observer States of SAARC? 9
  4. Freedom Sentinel is? US Military operation in Afghanistan
  5. Which Country installed large air-purifier to fight population? China
  6. Unionist party during British rule was founded by? Fazel Hussain
  7. 2023 Cricket World Cup will be held in? India
  8. Commonwealth games 2022 will start from? 22 July
  9. 2018 Common Wealth games is—–edition? 21st a
  10. To Manage water logging and Salinity which organization is introduced by Pakistan? SCARP
  11. MAD Stands for Mutual Assured Destruction
  12. Current President of ICC? Shasnak Manohar
  13. Which Country’s team has been involved in ball tempering recently? Australia
  14. 2nd Government of Benazir was dissolved due to? Corruption
  15. Controlled Democracy is Pakistan was introduced by? Ayub Khan
  16. Iskandar Mirza abrogated Constitution of Pakistan in? 1958
  17. Pakistan Resolution was translated in Urdu by? Sir Zafar Ullah Khan
  18. Recently martyred PTI candidate in a suicidal attack? Ikram Ullah Gandapur
  19. Women’s turnout was record 73% in which area? Thar
  20. In which National Assembly Constituencies women turnout less than 10%? NA 10, NA 48
  21. Turnout in 2013 Election was? 47.1%
  22. Great Spot is on which Planet? Jupiter
  23. Great Spot is? Storm
  24. Fastest Rotating planet is? Mercury
  25. Brightest Planet? Venus
  26. Nearest Planet to Earth? Venus
  27. Salinity of Ocean Water is checked in? 1 Kg of Ocean Water
  28. How many planets visible from Earth? 5
  29. Bodyguard planet of Earth? Jupiter
  30. Comets have highly elliptical orbits
  31. Position of an element in periodic table is determined by its? Proton Number
  32. Oxidation Involves? Loss of Electron
  33. Plants intake —–and exhale—-at night? Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
  34. Microsoft office was released in? 1985
  35. Ctrl+4 is used in excel? To underline
  36. Excel is an open source software
  37. To open Visual Basic in Excel? Alt+F11

Inspector Customs intelligence past paper English portion 2018

1:He was ___ 1990,—august 19. (a: in, on, b: on, on, c:at, on).

2: I lost the ring, you __me.(give, gave, given)

3: She asked us – – – for her (to wait, waited, waiting)

4:Urdu is ___ all over Pakistan.

(spoke, speak, spoken)

5:He is the tallest boy in our school (corrected sentence)

6: she is – – gil in our school

(tall, the tallest, the taller)

7:Road accident killed seven people (change the voice and pick right one)

8:There were ___people in the mall, si that we were not completely alone

(a few, little, the few)

9: He succeeded __hard work

(by, through)

1o: I like ___book in the evening (to read, reading, read).

Today paper *Inspector Customs FPSC*

Case F4 150 Batch l

Everyday Science

Vitamin A deficiency causes?

Vitamin D defficiency leads to?

Long sight defect can be corrected by?

Radioactive radiations discovered by?

LIGO detected?

Inspector Customs intelligence Islamyat portion

Who is tarjaman ul quran?

Imam Abu Hanifa born in?

Adm e Sani?

Prophet name Ahmad came in which Surah?

Heads of Zakat in which Surah?

Pakistan Affairs

Molvi tameez ud Din was?

British Indian Association formed by?

Quaid Demands in Simla conference?

NAM 1998 summit related pakistani matter?

FPSC Inspector Customs intelligence Current Affairs portion

New York appointed a woman in its 226 years history .Name?

How many teams were in street child football worldcup?

Who was winner of street child football cup?

NAM summit 1998 related to pakistan on which issue?

Prince Harry married to?

Military plane crashed in 2018?

Aeroplane crashed in April 2018?

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