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Fpsc past papers
Fpsc past papers

fpsc subject specialist past paper [fpsc SST] held on  14-11-18

fpsc subject specialist past paper [fpsc SST] held on  14-11-18

fpsc subject specialist past paper

we collect these mcqs through different sources

1-Education conference at karachi.

2- IQ of gifted children 140

3-nationalization in 1972

4-noor khan

5-SM Sharif

6-storm lasts

7-hilda taba defii

8-summative eval

9-huristic none

10-planning future

11-statistic study both

12-rote learning

13-free edu 72

14- trial and error thorndike

15-students above below average



18-short term 1-3


20- knowledge gained through observation 21-white elephant

22-at street

23-effectiveness of curriculum

24-case study

25-all learning exp


27-was confirm

28-met before

28-out of social circle none

29-first step in planning objectives

30-ali garh

31-administration social

32-strategic plans long term

33-nep 1978


35-lesson plan objectives




39-love of wisdom

40-assessment technique

41-top management strategic plans

42-technical edu 1947


44-basic function planning

45-huristic method function none

46-was sunday


48-statistic study both


50-may be here tomorrow

51-all that you say



54-computer with

55-those boys are alike in looks

56-objectives under 1959

57-formative assessment

58-basic research for development of theory


61-known to me for three days


63-ordinal scale

64-internal validity


66-master emotion fear

67-He is _ drinking

68- Addicted to, habitual for, none

69- He is fell _ the bridge

Of, off, from none

70-You are _ late.

To, so,very none

71-He said I _ give up the smoking.

Sould, would must none

72-I applied brake when I saw a _ truck

Static, stationary, stationery none

73-I have a little interest in politics.

A little bit none

74-She live _73…

In on at

75-I _ u kw as soon as result is announced

Let , had let, will let none

76-I _manage

Can could would none

77-A person who is not gv any salary

78-NoneWhich of the following is the most inclusive?

79-Problem statement of the mcqs is called

80-Which of the following tests is the most objective?

81-Classroom teaching involves which approach?

82-Curriculum can’t be developed without ?

83-Which reaserch belongs to classroom( basic, action, both, none)

84-Early root of Physcology is philosphy and ……(anatomy, logic, philopsphy, none)

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