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fpsc statistical officer past paper

fpsc statistical officer past paper
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Fpsc past papers 2018

fpsc statistical officer past paper

Here is some Mcqs from Statistical Officer paper 2016


Q>Sum of the deviation of the values from their mean is always equal to?

Ans: Zero



Q>A Type II error occurs when we c. do not reject a false null hypothesis


Q>Whenever hypotheses are established such that the alternative hypothesis is “>”, then the test is a:

Type I test

two-tailed test

one-tailed test

Type II test


Q>A business researcher has conducted a hypothesis test and obtained an observed z value of 1.47. The p-value for this observed z is:







Q>The price relative for computers was 82.3 in 2002 calculated with a base

period of 2000. This implies:

(a) that the price of computers was 82.3% higher in 2002 than in


(b) that the price of computers was $82.3 higher than 2000;

(c) that the price of computers was 17.7% lower in 2002 than


(d) that the real price of computers has fallen $17.70 between 2000

and 2002 because of quality change.


Q>Mode is always Greater than?

Ans: Mean


Q>In binomial distribution mean np is always?

Ans: Less than npq


Q>If coefficient of correlation r =.90 what will be the value of Coefficient of determination?

Ans: 0.81


Q>A market researcher is testing consumer opinions about a new product. Consumers are asked to rate the product on a scale of from 0 to 10 as to whether or not they would purchase the product if it were available (where 0 = absolutely would not purchase, 10 = absolutely would purchase). Past studies have shown that this scale is normally distributed in the population. The market researcher will not give the go ahead for further development of the product unless the population mean purchase score is greater than 6.00. A sample of eight scores are obtained as follows: 7, 8, 5, 6, 9, 7, 5, 8. The observed t statistic is:






Q>Management at a large company has recently implemented a more participatory management style. Management believes that at least half of the company’s employees feel that they are more a part of the decision making process than before. To test this, the company’s business researcher randomly polls 180 company employees. One hundred and seven of those polled say that they feel they are more a part of the decision making process than before. Suppose the researcher is using a 1% level of significance. The observed value is:





Q>Find the critical z value(s). Assume that the data has a normal distribution

Α = 0.05 for a two-tailed test

A)Plus or minus 1.96

B)Plus or minus 1.764

C)Plus or minus 1.645

D)Plus or minus 2.575


Q>Which of the following problems should be given the lowest priority

when constructing a Paasche price index:

(a) Deciding of the group of items to be included in the index

(b) Obtaining price data in every period

(c) Obtaining quantity data in every period

(d) Selecting a representative base year


Q>Under conditions of perfect competition in the product market:




None of the above


Q>Coefficient of Correlation (r) is significant, if:

r > 5 times Probable Error

r < 6 times Probable Error

r > 6 times Probable Error

r = 6 times Probable Error


Q>Fisher’s ideal index number is:

Arithmetic mean of Laspeyre’s and Paasche’s index

Harmonic mean of Laspeyre’s and Paasche’s index

Geometric mean of Laspeyre’s and Paasche’s index

None of the above


Q>If someone uses research as part of a sales effort, this is said to be:

  1. a) syndicating.
  2. b) sugging.
  3. c) satisficing.
  4. d) surveying.


Q>Which ONE of these is NOT an intrinsic factor?

  1. a) The questionnaire style.
  2. b) The interviewer’s voice.
  3. c) The interview situation.
  4. d) The informant’s memory.


Q>What is the formula for the experimentwise error rate?

1 – √ (1 – 0.05) number of comparisons

1 – (1 – 0.05) number of comparisons

1 ÷ (1 + 0.05) number of comparisons

1 – (0.05 ÷ number of comparisons)


Q>A researcher has recorded for their study each participant’s occupation; Management, IT, Retail, Medical, Student. The researcher has turned the data into dummy variables.

Considering this information which of the following is false?

Dichotomous variables have been created by coding each individual as being in that profession or not.

Dummy variables allow a way of entering nominal data into a multiple regression.

Because it is nominal data it is classed as a single variable and has been turned into numerical scores.

There is always one less dummy variable than the number of categories.


Fpsc past paper of FIA inspector [Inspector Investigation FIA]

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