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FPSC Patrol Officer past paper 2018

FPSC Patrol Officer past paper 2018

Test held on 16.07.18 First Time 10.00AM

Tea cultivated in area

Penicillin discover

Cold water fish

Lightest gas

Astrology study

Essential component of acid

Ice melts temperature

Water convert ice temp

Air conditioner gas

day time trees absorb

gas use extinguish fire

in islam jazia mean

gazwa khayber under command

sihah sitta mean

Caliphs go iran

sindh separate Bombay

muhammad bin qasim come multan

qutab din abek tomb

Last governor general

When Pakistan become member ascean

First election held in

Senate election 2018 held

Chairmen senate

Total seat of senate in election

Not republic country

Current Britain power political party

Final psl city

obor china project part of

Uk 3rd largest party

Crown prince saudia arabia

Chief guest on 23 march prade

Which country send band on 23rd march parade

Plural child

Word score mean in counting

Female barber ask

Feminine policeman

Russian president

FiFA held in 2018

ICC champion trophy 2017

son of Muhammad ﷺ ibrahim born from which wife

When wheat Punjab reaped

Most absorb water crop

Two side triangles equal called

Dmas rule

Current governor Baluchistan from which party

Peanut crop are

Roots get food from

sulha hadibiya between madina and

Hazrat abubaker ko sb sy pahly kis sahabi ny khilafat ki dawat di

kon sy sy sahabi pehghamri ka jhuta dawa krny waly k khilaf lary

Quran majeed ki kis sorat mein back batting sy mana kiya gya

wozo kis sorat mein ziker aya

Math mein zaida question everage nekalny k thy

aur english mein sentence gramatical correct use of idioms

Some Questions were PSL Final held in which city

Host of Fifa 2018

Tenure of PM Pakistan

Tenure of National Assembly member

Tenure of US President

Baluchistan CM belong witch party

UK president witch party

Senate Election held on which date

Senate Election held on how many seats

Current King of KSA

Chief Guest of 23 march 2018

Last Governor General of Pak

Which army comes on 23 march 2018

Pakistan became member of WTO

Pakistan member of ASEAN

FPSC Patrol Officer result 2018

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