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Fpsc past paper of subject specialist solved 2018

Fpsc past paper of subject specialist
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Fpsc past paper of subject specialist

Fpsc past papers of subject specialist fpsc SST solved 2018

QUESTION: 1st educational conference 1947 held in … a. Karachi b. Lahore c. Islamabad d. None

QUESTION: Educational Policy 1959 was held under the headship of …..

Ayob Khan b. Fazalurahman c. Noor-ul-Amin d. None

QUESTION: Under 1972 Policy of education free and basic education was announced upto class ….

5 b. 8 c. 10 d. None

QUESTION: All private institutions were Nationalized under ….. Policy

1947 b. 1959 c. 1970 d. None

QUESTION: Promotion of Science and technical education was given under ….. Policy

1947 b. 1972. c. 1979 d. None

QUESTION: Classical conditioning presented by … a. Ivan b. J.B Watson c. David Ausubel d. None

QUESTION: Second stage of client-centered therapy include

Emotions b. Less rigidity c. High rigidity d. None

QUESTION: Curriculum includes

Syllabus b. Course and contents c. Syllabus and coursed. All the experience provided by the school

QUESTION: Short term planning in education is

1-3 years b. 3-5 years c. 5-10 years d. None

QUESTION: Basic education is upto class

3 b. 5 c. 10 d. None

QUESTION: Education from general to specific refered as

Inductive b. Deductive c. Special

QUESTION: Through observation students learn ….. Percent knowledge

75 b. 85 c. 13 d. None

QUESTION: Intelligent students I.Q level of students range from ……

90-110 b. below 70 c. Above 140 d. None

QUESTION: Summative evaluation occour… Plan

Before lesson b. During lesson c. With different intervals d. None

QUESTION: Test used to measure what intend to measure ……

Validity b. Reliability c. Measurement d. None

QUESTION: Route learning is disadvantage of

Subject centered learning

Learner centered learning

Students centerd learning


QUESTION:…. regulates management activities

Superviaion b. Organizing c. Administration d. Planing

QUESTION: Top administrations include

Budgeting b. Supervision c. Planning d. None

QUESTION: Ethanographic research is. …..

Qualitative b. Quantitative c. Both d. None

QUESTION: Questionnaire in which possible response are provided called

Open ended b. Close ended c. Both d. None

QUESTION: Good questionnaire is Psychological and …. arranged

Biologically b. Physically c. Mathematically d. None

QUESTION: Emphasis in education should be given on

Individual child b. Group children

Dull children d. None

QUESTION: White elephant means

Beautiful elephant

Unwanted and expensive

Unwanted and cheep


QUESTION: Definition of null hypothesis

QUESTION: Definition of creative supervision

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