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Fpsc past paper of FIA inspector [Inspector Investigation FIA]

Fpsc past paper of FIA inspector
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Fpsc past paper of FIA inspector [Inspector Investigation FIA]

First Hafiz e Quran :: Hazrat Usman

Brain of Arab:: Amr Ibn Al Aas

Mauta written by:: Imam Malik

Son of Dawood A.S.:; Sulaiman A.S

Oldest Mosque:: Kaaba

Madina is far from Makka ::300 mile

Rykjavik is capitol of::Iceland

Zagreb is the capitol of::Crotia

in 2008 which country secceded from Serbia:: Kosovo

Allama Iqbal contested elections form:: Punjab

Ghazwa Furqan:: Badar

Musharraf resigned from Presidency on::18 Aug, 2008

First local election according to power devolution 2000 plan::14 Aug,2001

which writer wrote about Muhammad S.A.W.W.::Miceal H. Hart

worked in modern economics and belongs to Britain:: Adam Smith

who accompanied Propher PBU during Migration:: Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A

During migration Holy Prophet PBUH was reciting :: Surah Yasin

Longest surah:: Baqara

Kuniyyat of Hazrat Abu Bakar:: I wrote Abu Abdullah

al khair uni is of::AJK

All the five rivers of Punjab joined on Punjab

Regulating Act 1773?

Al-Hidya is authored by?

Al-Dur Mansoor is authored by?

Ryder is associated With?

Tafseer ibne Naseer is the title of?

Czec republic capital is?

Nawaz and Modi Meet at which city?

Yousif Raza Gillani PM Oath Date?

Minorties Regulating Act?

Dawn Newspaper was published from which city?

NRA,ADC Abrreviation?

how many Surah are named with animal name

Eid ul Fitr Was First performed On Which Date?

Washington Is located on which River?

Maximun Font Size in Ms Office?

Zakat and Usher was Started in which Constitution?

Bangladesh is Situated In which Region?

Fatwa Qazi khan is related to?

Who is the Head of Tehsil?

Which Sahabi Established Police System?

Islam ke pehle khalifa Kon thy

Islam ke dosry khalifa Kon thy

Islam ke tesry khalifa Kon thy

Islam ke chothy (4th) khalifa Kon thy

Asad ullah kis ka laqab hai

jang e badar kab hui

hazoor Pak ke kitny Bety that

hazoor Pak ki kitni betiyan thi

hazoor Pak ki Umar kitni thi

Islam ki pehli masjid ka Naam kia h.

janaz e namaz Mein kitni rakaten hoti hen

Eid namaz Mein kitni rakaten hoti hen

qarardad e Pakistan kab paish Hui.

qarardad e Pakistan kis NY pesh ki

dunia ka sub see bara samander Kon sa hai.

pehli khaton pilot ka Nam kia h

pehli shaheed khaton pilot ka Nam kia h

Saudi Arabia kis continent m hai

Hazoor Pak ki pehli wife konsi thi

pehly wazir e Azam Pakistan Kon thy

mojoda wazir e difa Kon hen.

test cricket me sub see zyda runs kis ky hen

pehla konsa Banda Chand pe gya

Pakistan ke shumal Mein konsa mulk hai

Pakistan ke magrab Mein konsa mulk hai

Pakistan Naam kiss ne rakha

qaid e Azam ki death kab Hui

U.N kab Bana

. Hazoor Pak kitna arsa madine Mein rahy

qibla awal kab tabdeel hua

p.t.i kab bani

mojoda sadar e Pakistan Kon he

k.p.k ka purana Naam kia tha

Pakistan ke army chief Kon hay

k.2 ki length kitni hai

Indo Pak boundry kitny k.m hai

Islam ka pehla rukun konsa hai

islam ki pehli masjid Kon si thi

Indo Pak ki pehli Jung kab Hui

sub se chota planet konsa hai

Quran majeed ki sub see lambi ayat konsi hai

Quran majeed ki 5th Surat konsi hai

Quran majeed Mein kitny sipary hen.

Quaid e Azam kab paida huy

Islam ki pehli Jung kab Hui??

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