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FPSC FIA INSPECTOR past papers held on 5, 6, 7/01/2019

Fpsc INSPECTOR CUSTOMS/ INTELLIGNENCE OFFICER (BS-16) past papers pdf Fpsc PATROL OFFICER (BS-14) past papers Fpsc APPRAISING/VALUATION OFFICER (BS-16) past papers Fpsc PREVENTIVE OFFICER (BS-16) past papers FPSC FIA INSPECTOR past papers All Batches held in 2019
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FPSC FIA INSPECTOR past papers held on 5, 6, 7/01/2019

  1. IDEAS Inaugurated By?
  2. IDEAS Held on which Date?
  3. Recent Summit of RECP held at?
  4. Currency of Indonesia?
  5. Vladmir Putin’s Party?
  6. World Anti-Corruption Day?
  7. Pakistan Joined International Solar Organisation with which country?
  8. Stages of Quran?
  9. Sources of Fiqh?
  10. Hazrat Muhammad SAAW travelled where at the age of 25?
  11. First woman to accept Islam?
  12. Pakistan Current Affairs FPSC FIA Paper 2019 Question
  13. Which country will host Asia Cup 2020?


FPSC FIA INSPECTOR past papers batch 4

  1. who was the eldest son of Prophet Muhammad SAW, ___
  2. Pakistan First general elections date ___
  3. Kartarpur will be operational on, Year ___
  4. Who Aneggurated Kartarpur___
  5. City of Kartarpur ___
  6. UNO headquarter ___
  7. First President of Pakistan ___
  8. LaiqatAli khan martyred on ___ date
  9. Surah Alharf k bary me tha aik, zehn sy nekal gaya. ×
  10. Exact age of People party___
  11. Longest ruling party of the Sindh___
  12. Jamal Khashoggi assassination __
  13. Pakistan soft loans denied from which country in2018 ___
  14. English portion easy tha maths portion tough tha thora sa

FPSC FIA INSPECTOR past papers held on 5/01/2019

  1. To break the legs
  2. orphans trafficking as modern slavery by Australia
  3. woman through direct election 8
  4. total constituency in by election 35
  5. putin party
  6. Harare 7 range 700
  7. iron red due to hemoglobin
  8. Us cancelled Iran deal 8 may
  9. Aids moto ,know your status
  10. pak solar deal in partnership with iran
  11. He requested my help
  12. known to me
  13. He sold all the furniture
  14. When Hazrat umar born?
  15. Saff football games 2020
  16. conductivity and electricity through solid
  17. 054 mean? 0 confusing
  18. least sound 0.7 1.5 2.5?
  19. Asian construction bank china
  20. Basic source of FiQha

FPSC FIA INSPECTOR past papers held on Today (7-1-2018) paper

  1. G20-2018 summit held in….. Argentina
  2. US President max tenure (8 years, 10 years, 12 years)
  3. US 41th president HW Bush died in… 8 dec 2018
  4. US presdent belong tp which party… Republican
  5. US president Donald Trump’s tenure will end on… 2020
  6. Current chairman of senat…. Sadiq sanjrani
  7. Interior minister of Pakistan…..
  8. Uk will exit from EU on…. 29 April 2019
  9. UK’s exit from EU through BREXIT shall be completed on… March 2019
  10. FIFA 2018 won by…. France
  11. Ruling party in UK… Conservative
  12. Kasoghi died in… Turkey.
  13. Current head of KSA…. Suleman Bin Abdul aziz
  14. CM of Balochistan….. Jam kamal
  15. President of Malaysia became president___times
  16. Indian actress Siri Devi died in.
  17. Birthday of Baba guru nanak is celebrated by sikh community in 2018. Its birthday anniversary is
  18. One belt, one road project of china is
  19. Part kf CPEC. B. CPEC is part of it


General Knowledge portion in FPSC FIA INSPECTOR  (7-1-2018) paper

  1. When Governor General Ghulam Muhammad abolished constitution assembly.
  2. Bogra formula by M Ali Bogra was presented in?
  3. When Urdu became national language?
  4. Natiomal bird of Pakistan.


Islamyat portion in FPSC FIA INSPECTOR


  1. Najeeb ullah is the title of
  2. Depth of zam zam well
  3. No of kalma “Astagfar”
  4. Litteral meaning of Sehtan
  5. Stages of Quran


  1. Current in a conductor js directly proportional of voltage accros conductor. This theorem is called….. Ohm’s law.
  2. Two bodies A and B is thermally equilibrium w.r.t thrid body C. So body A and B are also in thermally equilibrium. This theorem is called.
  3. 1st law of thermodynamics
  4. 2nd law of Thermodynamic
  5. Zeroth law of thermodynamics
  6. Fruit without seeds kike banana called.
  7. Deficiency of vitamin C
  8. Study if science which deals with energy of cells in body.

FPSC FIA INSPECTOR papers held on 7/1/19  10:00 Am .

  1. Rupture synonym.
  2. .sabotage synonyms.
  3. Roomy antonym..
  4. Break the ice ideom..
  5. once in a blue moon..
  6. She said ‘i can play cricket’ change to passive.
  7. Meaning of iblees in english is ?
  8. .if a/1= b/4 = c/7 then a+b+c/c = ?
  9. If 10 men completes a work in 2 days by workhng 2 hours. . How lon will it take to complete the work if 2 men works 5 hour a day?
  10. If an average of 6 numbrz is 30. And average of 1st four num is 25, and average of last 3 is 35. Then what is 4th numbr ?
  11. What number is added to 2203 to get a perfect square..1 ,3 ,6?
  12. Trumps interim will end in ?
  13. Which is party of UK prime minister ??
  14. Mahatir mohammad has been elected 2 time, 3 time. None?
  15. Hazrat Noah As sent which bird to search land ?
  16. Batch 6 FIA Inspector Paper Questions
  17. Who was First Muslim General of Pakistan
  18. Who was Governing East Pakistan at time of Bangladesh Seperation
  19. What is G-8 alliance
  20. Where is G-20 headquarter is
  21. Which component is use to make soft drinks
  22. Which Islamic Country head is invited by PM to attend 23 march 2019 event
  23. CPEC budget
  24. Which islamic country showed interest to join cpec
  25. Last wife of prophet(P.B.U.H)
  26. Pehla sjda kis paare me ha
  27. Religion of hazrat adam
  28. Arif alvi president kb bne?
  29. Laughing gas composition?
  30. Epirical formula of benzene?
  31. _____conduct heat and electricity?
  32. June me UNO kis country ne leave ki???
  33. First lady ___jo current chief justice hain high court ki____
  34. Forests me konsi gas hoti ha?options👇
  35. russian diplomats ko kis country ne nikala tha because of killing a spy?
  36. Cynical synonym?
  37. Astute antonym?
  38. Change the narration..👇
  39. He asked “what my name was”?
  40. Change into passive👇
  41. Who is knocking at the door?
  42. Choose the correct!!options👇
  43. The horse and carriage are at the door
  44. Pehli baar nmaz prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H)ne kis ki mdad ya guidance me prhi??
  45. Kala bagh can’t built yet why? options👇
  46. Political conflict
  47. India’s involvement
  48. 69/92???
  49. Nacto headquarter is located in???
  50. Veitnam currency??
  51. Blood formed in??
  52. Air chief marshal mujahid anwar khan ko 2018 me award kis country ne dia???


FPSC FIA INSPECTOR INSPECTOR [Batch 3] held on 6/1/2019

  1. 1-{1-[1-(1-1)]} =?
  2. Antonym of sabotage
  3. deficiency of vitamin c can cause?
  4. square root of “x” will be equal to 64..
  5. how many stages are there in islam..
  6. Old name of ECO
  7. American 41’s President died on which date?
  8. trump tenure end date?
  9. Malaysian new president’s term?
  10. g20 2018 held in?
  11. separation of britain is due in which date?
  12. Saudi Journalist was killed in which country?
  13. who is the saudi crown prince?
  14. who is current interior minister of pakistan?
  15. current chairman senate of pakistan?
  16. Name of CM of balochistan?
  17. guru nanak anniversary will be? 550th 549th? etc
  18. if age of 3 person is 23, and if we add fourth person what would be the age of him to keep the same average.

English portion in FPSC FIA INSPECTOR paper Synonyms.

  1. Scanty
  2. 2Sabotage
  3. Rupture

Antonyms in FPSC FIA INSPECTOR paper

  1. Reticent
  2. Roomy
  3. Rupugnance


  1. when pigs fly
  2. Break the ice.
  3. Once in blue moon


Fpsc PATROL OFFICER (BS-14) past papers

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