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Fpsc Assistant Director Investigation FIA past paper

Fpsc FIA Assistant Director Investigation past paper 9/1/2019
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Table of Contents

Fpsc Assistant Director Investigation FIA

Batch 1 Paper held on 1 Batch 9/01/2019

Fpsc FIA Assistant Director Investigation past paper

General Science portion

  1. Long sightedness can be corrected by Convex
  2. Radioactivity discovered by Baqqueral
  3. Vitamin A – Night Blindness
  4. Vitamin D – rickets
  5. Si Unit of Charge – coulomb
  6. For a fixed mass of gass at constant temperature, if we decrease volume, the pressure will _________? Increase
  7. Most abundant element on Earth – Oxygen
  8. Most abundant element on universe – Hydrogen

9.Very High Frequency (VHF) have __________ wavelengths? Shorter

10.The lifespan of Red Blood Cells is __________ days? 120 days

  1. The density of water is __________?1 g/m3
  2. A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called __________?Battrry
  3. sun is a star
  4. Blood in average human being 5 litter
  5. Breath daily by human – 15-20k litters


Pakistan Affairs portion in Fpsc Assistant Director Investigation FIA past paper 2019

  1. Simla Deputations – 1906
  2. Lord Minto was Viceroy
  3. Who announced Partition of Bengal
  4. Sir Syed Ahmed khan was born in 1817
  5. Lucknow Pact 1916
  6. Round table conference – London
  7. pak china air exercise – shaheen vii
  8. Quaid took oath from Justice Abdul Rashid


Current Affairs/ GK

  1. Brazil- Real
  2. Mallacca Strait connects indian occean and north Pacific occean
  3. Saarc Enclace Conference held at Nepal
  4. Earth day 2018 theme – End Plastic Pollution
  5. International Peace Day – 21 Septemeber
  6. Unhcr HQ. – Geneva
  7. Human Rights Report on Kashmir – 21st June
  8. Brexit Date – 29th March
  9. There was some question related to US impose 6 billion dollar ban
  10. Membes of Security Council – 15
  11. Official Languages of UN – 6
  12. G20 summit held at Argentina
  13. Rohingya Muslims – Myanmar

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Islamiat portion

  1. Kasoof prayer for solar eclipse
  2. Police reforms by which khalifa – hazrat Umar
  3. Prophet P.B.U.h died in 632 AD
  4. Last sermon – 10 A.H
  5. Surah Without Bismillah – Surah Tauba
  6. 5 versus in first revelation
  7. Zakat means ( I selected all of these)


English total 20 questions

  1. Amateur spelling
  2. Police chased 3 states
  3. Study of physiology is the study of physical parts
  4. Bioman synonym
  5. Subversion antonym


Fia Act

  1. Agency means federal investigation agency
  2. Code means code of Crimincal procedure
  3. Provincial police – police Act 1861
  4. DG to be appointed by Federal Government ( don’t exactly remember the question)
  5. Superintence of the agency vest in the federal government.
  6. FIA Can seizure the property
  7. FIA can’t sell property
  8. Sub inspector will act as in charge of a police station in any matter
  9. FIA applies to all public and public servants


Maths portion

Total 16 questions ( I am not sure about questions of Maths, please correct me if wrong)

  1. Imaginary number multilpied by another imaginary number would result ( real, imaginary )
  2. Triangle a=74, b=54, c=45 Opposite to which side biggest angle would be formed?
  3. Addition of first fifty odd numbers
  4. Addition of first fifty even numbers.
  5. Blue balls = 10, red= 5 Probability of balls either red/blue = 1
  6. Another question of probability was there similar to above questions
  7. A man having 4 coats, 5 shirts and 6 pents, How many combinations he can wear?
  8. Octagon would be having 20 diagonals

Kppsc  past papers of Assistant solved held on February 2019

For Fpsc Assistant Director Investigation FIA past paper 2018



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