Cheap And Best Burgers In Lahore

Since the first moment they saw one, Lahoris knew they had a never-ending love affair with food, particularly burgers.

We salivate just thinking about a big, juicy burger, and properly so; theyre everything wonderful in the world squished together.

We love delicious sauces, melting cheese, and cooked-to-perfection patties on toasted buns, whether theyre beef or chicken.

Best Burgers In Lahore 2022

Here we listed the top best food point and Best Cafe in Lahore for eating Burgers.

The Grand Beef, Jessie’s

This one has a lot of buzz about it. Jessies boasts some pretty amazing burgers, with the Grand Beef topping the list.

This bad guy is not for the faint of heart, so be warned.

The combination of a juicy beef patty, crisp turkey bacon, indulgent cheddar cheese, and caramelized onions is absolute bliss on a bun!

 Shroom And Swiss, Cannoli

When Cannoli opened its doors and this beef-loaded delight joined the menu, Lahores burger scene reached new heights.

Cannolis most popular flavor is mushroom and Swiss, and we know why! Its a delectable kaleidoscope of taste, with a flawlessly cooked beef patty dripping with mushroom sauce and a sprinkling of posh Swiss cheese.

Diner-Mite Burger, Big Moe’s

Its time to honor the original Burger Lords, who brought this magnificent masterpiece directly from the Land of the Free.

A griddled beef patty, smoked chicken rashers, crunchy Cajun onion rings, and a cascade of BBQ sauce and melted cheddar cheese are stacked on a freshly baked bun.

Im sure you wont be able to eat this monster of a burger in just one bite!

 Wehshi Zinger, Johnny & Jugnu

If you are unfamiliar with the Urdu language, you may want to get a dictionary.

As the name implies, this burger is absolutely SAVAGE! Dont be deceived. Its not your normal Zinger Burger.

The crunch factor is ten times greater, the tastes are out of this world, and you get to choose from six different sauces!

Nuker, Burger Lab

Although beef is the most popular burger meat, no one does it quite like Burger Labs Nuker.

The smokin hot beef patties, buttery fries, and Burger Labs secret ingredient, the unique animal sauce locked and loaded in soft Potato Buns, are what were talking about.

Until the final word, irresistible!

Burger Brands In Lahore

Burgers are, without a doubt, the most comfortable dish. And in terms of convenience and affordability, you can never have enough of it.

Lahore offers some of the greatest burgers in the country, and Foodnerd has tracked down some of the best.

You may have tasted a few, but there are many more delicious burger variants than you may have imagined. Let us take you on a tour of the greatest burger joints in Lahore that you should not miss.

Ministry Of Burgers

If you want to experience some of Lahores top burger joints, you should go right to the Ministry of Burgers.

They provide some of Pakistans finest genuine gourmet burgers. Hunger Beef is one of the most popular dishes among the restaurants customers.

Its made with a thick beef patty, caramelized onions, fresh mushrooms, crisp lettuce, scorching jalapenos for a spicy kick, and plenty of cheddar cheese.

The Hunger Beef costs PKR 650, while the Bacon Meister costs PKR 750 and includes turkey bacon, a succulent beef patty, creamy sauce, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg on top.

Their loaded fries, including the Kamikaze and jalapeno cheese fries, are a hit.

They also offer their trademark Burger Cheesecake, which is one of Lahores most popular burgers, with quality melted cheese that will have you drooling for more.


Howdy is a burger restaurant in Lahore with a western feel. Their high-quality burgers are a gourmets dream.

They also sell grilled steaks and sandwiches, in addition to some of Lahores greatest burgers.

Rodeo Glory Beef Mushroom Burger, priced at PKR 659, is one of their most popular burgers.

Another delectable burger to try is the Tickle Pickle Jalapeno Burger, which has pickled jalapenos, a sauce, and plenty of cheese for that ideal mix.

Burger Hub

The Burger Hubs tantalizing selection of gourmet burgers is the buzz of the town. You may choose from about 20 different beef and chicken burgers, as well as a large choice of creamy sauces and fresh salads. You can order it online, have it delivered, or eat it at the restaurant.

It is strongly advised that you eat in and savor the flavors in a comfortable atmosphere to get the full experience.

Two excellent chicken patties, a substantial layer of cheese, sauce, and fresh vegetables make up their New Yorker Chicken Burger, which costs PKR 569. The Czar Chicken Burger is a crowd-pleaser.

At PKR 589, two entire chicken breasts are marinated in Mediterranean flavors. Burger Hub is unquestionably one of Lahores best burger eateries. The Americano, which costs PKR 599, is also available.

Two smoky, char-grilled beef patties are sandwiched between layers of cheese slices and vegetables.

The Blue Dragon Reloaded is their newest addition.

Three succulent beef patties are sandwiched between layers of mozzarella cheese, tomato, and onion slices, with their signature blue sauce flowing from the sides. It is a must-try for anyone who likes meat.

Daily Deli Co

Happiness comes in all shapes and forms, they say. Theyre serious about it. The chicken and beef burgers at Daily Deli are plenty.

The restaurant, also known as the Burger Specialist, is well-known for the quality and size of its burger patties.

Daily Deli offers a variety of unique and high-quality burgers, sandwiches, shakes, and fries.

The Messi is one of Lahores must-try burgers, and its just PKR 540. Its enormous!

Three succulent burger patties are layered with mozzarella cheese, red sauce, cheddar cheese pieces, and crunchy lettuce. On the sidelines, their distinctive onion rings (12 pcs) are available for PKR 250.

Outpost Byob

Outpost Build Your Own Burger (BYOB) is a popular spot for young people in Lahore to eat burgers. You may go with your buddies to the restaurant and have a good time personalizing the burger to your liking.

If you wish to experience their distinctive ready-to-eat gourmet burgers, just make an order while relaxing in the outside dining area and taking in a wonderful atmosphere.

A premium burger, the Bacon Bleu Cheese, costs PKR 800. In a seeded bun, theres a nicely grilled thick beef patty, turkey bacon, bleu cheese sauce, crispy lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

One of Lahores most popular burgers is Outposts peanut-butter brioche. Flip a grilled beef patty, several slices of cheese, and a generous quantity of peanut butter sauce onto a brioche bun, and youve got yourself the ideal burger.

Burger King

Burger King is the worlds second-largest fast-food burger company, having been founded in 1954.

Their devotion to only the greatest ingredients, distinctive recipes, and unforgettable dining experiences has characterized them as the original Home of the Whopper. Burger Kings regular customers know what to expect from their burgers.

In Lahore, both their chicken and beef burgers are popular. PKR 550 gets you a Jalapeno Chicken Burger.

If you want to try something beefy, the Original Steak Burger, which costs PKR 530, is a good choice. Big King is a PKR 450 option for people who desire an additional beef patty.

Johnny & Jugnu

This was a little initiative begun by a few students that grew into a major project with just two branches in the whole city (one in Defence and the other in Johar Town). This is the next big thing, with a selection of sauces to put on their burgers and tortilla wraps.

You should all go to these areas to see for yourselves what were talking about. There is no need to take out your huge cash when there are so many viable hunger-killing fast food places all across Lahore.


Pablos delivers the greatest beef burgers in Lahore, and I believe that everyone is aware of this fact. In light of how fantastic the burger is, the pricing is fair. The molten lava (in the meat) is quite delicious.

It costs around PKR 695. If youre looking for something a little lighter, the thick beef burger, which costs roughly PKR 485, is a good choice.


Home-grown burgers were the first to introduce the concept of personalization to the mainstream.

And it isnt even the most amazing part. You may choose from a variety of buns, including white and bran, as well as a succulent beef patty or grilled mouth-watering chicken.

I love jalapenos, so Id suggest that you sample their chargrilled beef with jalapeno sauce if you get the opportunity.

It is around PKR 350 in price.


When it comes to traditional burgers, Babloos Classic Beefer is unquestionably the best option.

Despite the fact that Babloozs has a limited seating area, this should not deter you from visiting.

Although it has the usual ingredients such as onions, lettuce, and tomatoes, it is their unique sauce that makes the dish stand out from the crowd. It costs around PKR 570.

Rina’s Kitchenette

While Rinas Kitchenette serves some of the greatest food in town, one of the reasons we keep coming back is because we know exactly what we want. They offer the greatest grilled burgers in Lahore, whether its their Cheese Burger or the Smash Burger.

With just one taste, youll be transported to food nirvana.

The most popular restaurant is Rinas Kitchenette. They like the softness of their homemade buns, which adds to the flavor.

The Cheeseburger and Smash Burger are among the most popular items on the menu, and anybody who visits this establishment should get them.

Which Burger Is Best In Pakistan?

Hanifia is a location that should not be missed while discussing the best burger businesses in Karachi since they were the pioneers of the legendary Hunter Beef burger in the city. It is widely regarded as the best of Karachis burger places, and it continues to be a popular choice among the citys residents.

Is Burger Lab An International Brand?

Lab success has purely been based on our ability to innovate and experiment, therefore living up to Lab company name, Burger LAB. The brand has established itself and is establishing itself all across Pakistan! Lab wants to build it as an international burger franchise in the not-too-distant future, and not too far away.

Which Type Of Burger Is The Best?

Beef chuck happens to be in the sweet spot of 15 to 20 percent fat (although its frequently advertised in reverse, as 80 to 85 percent lean, or simply 80/20, 85/15) and is thus a great choice for grilling or roasting. Ground chuck is the best meat for burgers because of its rich, meaty taste and substantial, but not excessive, fat content.

Which Country Is Famous For Burger?

The Story of the Hamburgers Inception Its possible that youve heard that Hamburg, Germany is the birthplace of the hamburger. While Hamburg was the source of inspiration for the hamburger, the notion of a sandwich was developed much later, in the United States. In fact, some believe that the notion of minced beef predates the founding of Hamburg by hundreds of years.

Is Sirloin Good For Burgers?

Sirloin is the most flavorful cut of beef, but it is also the most costly. Beef burgers are flavorful and juicier when they are cooked with fat, and if the meat is too lean, it has a propensity to dry up when cooked. We really like the chuck and sirloin combos, which are half-and-half. You get the delicious flavor of sirloin combined with the juicy texture of chuck.

Which Is Better Mcdonald’s Or Burger King?

While there are differing perspectives, the general consensus seems to be that they provide a superior burger to McDonalds. A taste test conducted by Business Insider revealed that Burger Kings Whopper beat McDonalds Big Mac in terms of balanced burger, with the brand producing a more balanced burger. Similarly, Buzzfeed tended to agree.

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