ajkpsc past papers with Most repeated MCQS

ajkpsc past papers
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ajkpsc past papers with Most repeated MCQS

> In general, wind speed of 105-137 caused

minor or no damage.

>> Acid rain is mainly caused by emissions of Sulfur

Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide in the atmosphere.

>> About 50% of the Earths crust, including the

waters on the Earth and atmosphere, is Oxygen.

>> The fourth state of matter is Plasma.

>> The device used to convert Alternate Current

into Direct Current is called Rectifier.

>> In night, when photosynthesis is stopped, plants

give off Carbon Dioxide.

>> During photosynthesis, plants give off Oxygen.

>> Mitochondria are called the powerhouses of the


>> Mitochondria contain their own supply of DNA.

>> The first chemical explosive, Gunpowder, is a

mixture of Sulfur, Charcoal, and Potassium


>> The number of oscillations per second is called

the frequency.

>> Sound waves from a loudspeaker are caused by


>> The guitar has 6 strings.

>> The device used to measure movements of the

heart is Cardiograph.

>> The unit used to measure Pressure is Pascal.

>> There are 3 methods of heat transfer.

>> If we heat one end of metallic rod, the other

end gets hot. The method of heat transfer is


>> A person seated in front of a fire receives heat

by Radiation.

>> The unit used to measure magnetic flux is


>> Battery was invented by Volta.

>> The most abundant element in the earths crust

is oxygen. The second most abundant element

in the earths crust is Silicon.

>> The nearest planet to the Sun is Mercury.

>> Bronze is an alloy of Copper, Tin.

>> Molecules with identical molecular formulae

but with different structural formulae are called


>> One way of transfer of heat energy is

convection which occurs in Liquids and gasses.

>> Liquids are incompressible.

>> The key factor in determining the weather is the

quantity of Water vapour in the atmosphere.

>> The entropy of the universe is increasing.

>> Radiation methods of heat transfer can take

place in a vacuum.

>> Neutrons were discovered by James Chadwick.

>> Mass Spectrograph was invented by F.W. Aston.

>> Nucleus was discovered by Rutherford.

>> Observation > Hypothesis > Experiments is the

process of science.

>> Salty water can be made pure by the method of


>> Energy can be converted from one form to another, but all energy ends up as Heat energy.

>> A battery converts Chemical energy into

electrical energy.

>> Geothermal is NOT a non-renewable energy


>> Current is the flow of Electrons.

>> The unit of current is Ampere.

>> To prevent electric shocks, a Fuse is placed in

the circuit.

>> Electrons were discovered by J.J. Thomson.

>> When molten rock cools and solidifies, the

igneous rocks are formed.

>> Molten rock below the surface of the Earth is

called Magma.

>> Molten rock above the surface of the Earth is

called Lava.

>> The metal which is liquid at room temperature

is Mercury.

>> Between the melting point and boiling point of

a substance, the substance is a Liquid.

>> The visible cloud of dust and gas in space is

called Nebula.

>> The average salinity of the Earths oceans in 1

kilogram of sea water is about 35 grams of salt.

>> The most abundant substance that constitutes

the mass of the Earth is Iron.

>> The Earths atmosphere is divided into 5 main


>> Rocks which are formed by high temperature

and pressure on existing rocks over a period of

time are called metamorphic rocks.

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