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Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector

Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector ( A.S.I )

Azad Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission Past papers

Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector ( A.S.I )

Note: Attempt all questions.

Question. Write an essay of about 350-400 words on any one of the
topics given below. (20 marks)

  • Human Rights
  • Load Shedding
  • The United Nations
  • Terrorism

Q2. Read the passage and answer the questions gives at the end. ( 20 Mark)

The doctors in the hospital at Scuteri received the news of Miss Nightingale’s appointment with disgust! Although they were understaffed and overworked, it was the last straw that’s a young lady from the upper class should be forced on them with a pack of nurses.

Of all Government foolishness, this was the worst example. However, they had no choice but to submit open opposition would be dangerous, for Miss Nightingale was known to have powerful official backing.

The opinion was divided as to whether she would turn out a well-meaning, well-bred nuisance or s Government spy. Army officers received the news without enthusiasm.

Cotoned Sterling wrote in November 1854: ‘I do not wish to see, neither do! Approve of, ladies doing the grim tasks of nursing.’

However, on November 5th, 1854, Miss Nightingale and her party were welcomed into the hospital at Scutari with every appearance of flattering attention and escorted in with compliments and expressions of goodwill. When they saw their quarters, the picture abruptly changed.

The rooms were damp, filthy, and unfurnished except for a few chairs. There were neither topics nor food. It would in future be a warning to them about the flowery promises of those in authority back in England.

Q no1. What was it about Miss Nightingale’s appointment that disgusted the doctors?

Q No2. What was the doctor’s opinion of the Government?

Q No3. Explain in your own words why ‘open opposition’ to Miss Nightingale would be dangerous.

Q no4. Explain why the nurses felt that the picture had ‘abruptly changed’ when they saw their quarters.

Q no5. Summarize the passage and suggest a suitable title.


Q3. Make sentences to illustrate the meaning of any FIVE of the following pair of Words in Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector (A.S.I). (10 marks)

  • Raise, Erase
  • Glow, Glue
  • Route, Root
  • Led, Lead
  • Pail, Pate
  • Vico, Wise
  • Bend, Band
  • Sow, So


Question. Make Sentence of any Five of the following idioms for Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector(A.S.I)

In the Nick of Time

  • Left Over
  • Look Up
  • Red-letter day
  • A dark horse
  • Abide by
  • Black Sheep
  • Lime light


Q5. (a) Fill in the blanks of any FIVE of the following sentences with appropriate positions. (10)

  1. I watched some men pull ___ some old huts.
  2. The dentist told me that it was not necessary tc pull __& tooth.
  3. Why don’t you put___ a plan to expand the company?
  4. We shall have to put___ making the decision until Mrs. Saleem arrives.
  5. A taxi ran __ the back of a bus.
  6. On this Map the letter “m” stands_____meter(s)
  7. M younger wrestlers gave __ when his opponent caught him in a hold from which he could no escape.
  8. We were held___ by heavy traffic on our way to the airport.


Question. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense In any five of the following sentences (10)

  1. That never has seen the man before, so when he (speak) to me I did not respond.
  2. Junaid is a very good player. He (shoot) several goals for us in this season.
  3. Please make sure that this type of misunderstanding (not occur) again
  4. The committees were unable to agree and (postpone) the decision.
  5. Some people say that eating Vegetables (be) better than eating meat.
  6. People want to live in peace and nobody (Like) war.
  7. There (be) only a few important exceptions to this rule.
  8. Tell your sister she (seed) not return my book until next week.

Question. Fill in the blanks in any of the FIVE sentences with the correct words from the pairs given below. (10 marks) (pairs of words for Ajkpsc)

  1. The fire started _____(during, while) we were asleep.
  2. Two men (stole, robbed) this old lady
  3. Did somebody tell you to send the cable or did not act on your own ( initiatives, initiative)
  4. We must find out ___ ( Cause, Reason) for this absent from the meeting
  5. There are many thorns on this path so don’t walk along with________( nude, Bare) Feet.
  6. Can we_____( replace, substitute ) zinc from Iron in this experiment.

Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector

Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector
Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector

Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector
Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector
Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector
Ajkpsc Past papers of Assistant Sub Inspector

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