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PPSC SERVICE CENTER OFFICIALS past paper [solved] held 08/07/2018

PPSC SERVICE CENTER OFFICIALS past paper [solved] held 08/07/2018


1) Ram stands for…..ndam access memory

2) Hp stands for….he welt packer

3) Atm stands for….automated teller machine

4) Hyper link….to go other documents

5) Which is not an operating system…oracle

6) To add hardware….control panel

7) Synonyms of Exquisite….extrorsely beautiful

8) Synonyms of inane….absurd

9) Synonyms of proliferation….to  increase or expand

10) He will meet you-5 o,(lock…on

11) He pays attention on my advice with

deif ear…did not accepted

12) He did not act upon-my….counsel

13) Odd one 7,10,21,28,65,42…..65

14) Number series 5,9,17,33,…65

15) 2804.120H3201+50…..530

16) If 12 eggs p7167 96 how many eggs

will be bought in 80 rupees…10

17) Leuckorna is a disease of…blood

18) Eyes disease due to deficiency of…vitamin A

19) Which of the following have less protem….potato

20) The sound travel vacuum in speed of…186000km

21)  Pvc stands for…polyvinyl chloricie

22) Islamabad declared as official capital of Pakistan on…24 February 1960

23) She shah suri was in real a…Pashtun

24) Who was first king of slave dynasty…Qutub ud din aibek

25) An idea of Pakistan written by…stephen cohen

26) Which Mughal ruler made Lahore his capital for ten years…akbar

27) Chuburji is constructed by…Aurangieb

28) Pakistan,s constitution 091973 inforced on…14 august 1973

29) Article 6 constitution of Pakistan deals with…high treason

30) Separate electorate for the muslims of india is result of…two nation theory

31) When light reflect in prism gives

32) Which is major language in Egypt…Arabic?

33) Charles john hand over his government to his son Philip in 2014 belongs to which country…spain

34) Prince Charles in 2018 on his first trip took part in dance…marison dance

35) Notoro cathedral dam in…Rome

36) Amazon river in.. South America

37) War and peace novel written by…leo Tolstoy 38) Tolstoy belongs to…Russia

39) Highest score in a inning by…brian lara

40) Andree aggasi was famous player of…tennis

41/ Friends not masters book written by…Ayoob khan

42) President of france…Emanuel macron

43) Pisa tower is in Italy

44) Sohni mahiwal was written by…fazal shah

45) Gestapo is secret police of…Germany

46) How many FIFA world cup has been played in Africa…3

47) Obama belongs to…illions

48) Usain bolt belongs to…Jamaica

50) Which pious caliph died natural death…Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A

51) Zakat has been given to…masakeen,debters,travellers.all of these is right

52) A non muslim women tried to give poison to the Holy Pophet S.A.W on which occasion…Fathe khaiber

53) Saifullah Is title of…Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid R.A

54) The center of education during Abbasids khilafat…Baghdad 55) Saddam Hussain was president of…lraq

56) In previous year Conspirasy in Syria against government. it was result of Fatha ULLAH Golan movement

57) Babri mosque in..Utterpardesh ayoudha

58) Computer chips are made of silicon 59) Allama iqbal first poetry rnajmoa .Asrare khudI In 1915

60) Darama andhera ujala written bY younus javed 61) Mah Tumam written by…Pervain shakir 62) Afsana ghadiraya written_Ashafaq Ahmed

63) Mutradaf of Bulandi…Iqbal


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